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Medical Technology Business Opportunities? – [Updated 2018]

Medical Technology Business Opportunities? – [Updated 2018]

Life Saving Technology in 2018!

Yes, new technology has transitioned into many different industries as it has progressed.

The medical technology business, has been impacted on a positive level with such new advancements.

This is because, with these new developments, other advancements were allowed to take shape.

These new forms of developments, can lead in some cases, to life saving techniques, measures or approaches.

Very different in the common thinking of.

For example, take 3 -D objects in creation for the use of manipulation.

This advancement in other fields, disproves this generalized thinking of artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

However, we are only touching the surface in this limitless field of exploration and technological science.

So, in this article, we are going to explore the impact of technology on the medical field and industry.

Show how such advancements have forever changed the reality of medical technology!



Medical Reality of Technology

Medical technology has entered the business of entertainment, as seen in such movies, as Ironman,

demonstrating technology such as Virtual reality or Artificial intelligence.

But how we moved passed this area of study, is where the true progression of medical technology will begin.

This starts with the original application of the technology and it’s true intended purpose.

Now, that we have moved passed the entertainment business of Hollywood, with the integration

of new technology, such as VR, (virtual reality) and AI (artificial intelligence), lets

show another area of influence they are making headway on.


Medical Applications

This would be the medical arena.

This is because, even medical applications, that treat phobias for example, utilize this technology.

Another example that you can see it in operation is in the rehabilitation industry.

This is because, patients and victims of paralysis,

have an opportunity to be rehabilitated through this new advancement.

There could be a day, where this type of technology and advancement in the

field will become mainstream from a science fiction reality stance.



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Virtual Reality in the Medical Field

Virtual reality has many different purposes in the medical field, as illustrated through the above examples.

These medical purposes do not just rely on the applications of surgery, or for limb or nerve improvement.

Virtual reality is also used for clinical diagnosis and monitoring in the medical profession.

This is an ubiquitous way that virtual reality or VR, can be utilized.

This is divided into 4 key facets, of the healthcare delivery system or communication.


This comes in the form of:

  • Mobile Health
  • Store and forward
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Video conferencing



Medical Business- Beyond System Healing

So, as you can see, this technology is responsible for the

advancement in more than just the body of the patient.

It has helped to increase productivity in the health care profession,

due to increased accuracy with streamlined information.

This information is not just streamlined better through virtual reality, but also the

entire intercommunication channel is transformed in the process of this technology.



Freedom and Technology Advancements?

This is through a certain application of augment reality.

This technology has benefited both patients and physicians in this equation.

This technology has also helped to liberate patients who seek specialized care.

This is because, no matter how far a patient is from their physician,

or attending medical staff, in this case, they would be only a click away from communication.

This means that the patient, can monitor their health performance from afar,

which means, without having to drive or commute to a healthcare facility or hospital.

This allows for a consistent approach to

monitoring patients health and medical updates.


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Tele Health: Medical Advancements in Technology

Tele Health exists in many ways, to connect patients to health reports and communications.

This is to encourage patients to use virtual reality technology for the monitoring of their health.

This leads to more user confidence in technology since every device has a learning curve to it.

This process of integrating Tele health in American Clinics is already prevalent.

Just look at the Virtual Care Clinic System.

This is the center from USC that is for study of Body Computing.

This new advancement in the medical industry is making reality more user friendly and feasible.



Medical Mobile Technology?

This was further advanced using patient to physician mobile use of technology.

The convenience of having such a mobile and portable form

of communication, has only led for more development in this innovative arena of technology.

This program was spearhead by Dr. Leslie Saxon.

In this program, it allowed for patients to receive medical care

directly from their portable smart and very mobile phones.

This study reported that patients were comfortable

and felt to some degree, trust in this program.


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Interactive Virtual Reality Exposure?

Now, that we have progressed into the user comfort levels of using

this new technology, let’s look at an actual clinic

with advanced medical technology.

Physicians can now use virtual reality as a tool to

help patients suffering from PTSD and anxiety disorders.



Process of Medical Technology

This is accomplished through the confrontation of psychological inhibitions.

This can be seen with the company, Bravemind.

This clinical and interactive therapy tool, has helped to configure

reenactments of trauma, a person or patient might have faced or suffered through.

These reenactments help to recreate the experience, to deal with the underlying core issue.

This technology breaks through the surface of the patient and digs deeper into the mind and soul.

This can illicit old or unremembered thoughts and memories.


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Beyond Technology in 2018!

Once brought to the surface, can be addressed for the real substance and validity

it holds, and not just justifiable conscious remarks, manufactured by the mind and ego.

With this new technology, no filter exists.

So, everything is released. Emotional healing comes from this exercise,

which was invoked through the virtual reality tool.

When people can re-immerse themselves in past pivotal events,

and identify them to corresponding emotions,

healing of the mind, body and soul are limitless.

Now, that we have shown how virtual reality and other new technologies in the

medical profession have helped to shape new advances in the quality of life,

let’s look at how it can affect our future driving conditions.


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