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Business Opportunities Equals Increased Profits!

Business Opportunities Equals Increased Profits!

So, you are looking for business opportunities in 2018?

Regardless, if it is to expand your current investment portfolio,

or through the sell or buy of an online business, this is a smart decision!

This article piece will help guide your next business

the venture, no matter, if you are a seasoned veteran or a first-time buyer.

This new and developing industry of Ecommerce, has room for all types of players.

By increasing your knowledge of this new buying market, you are also increasing

your potential earnings for revenue and growth building opportunities.


Not Ready to Buy or Sell?

Even, if you are not in the position to buy or sell an

eCommerce online business right this second,

you will understand what indicators and markers to look for, so,

when the time is right to buy or sell, your ready!

This can make all the financial and long-term difference in your

financial portfolio and eCommerce business success.

This is because, according to statistical research studies, E-commerce Business Models,

are expected to increase by over 78 percent by the year, 2020.

This is the perfect time to act now, whether it be, learning the

online business for future buys or sells, or creating your own e-commerce website.


business opportunities 2018



Business Booming in 2018?

Yes, you heard this right, 78 percent increase, by year 2020!

At the time of writing this piece, 2018, a 2-year gap

to reach this astronomical incline is just beyond the horizon.

So, with all this online attention, and earning potential

for capital, for both new and old investors alike,

a focus on these types of business models will be addressed.

This information will help sort out your next e-commerce

business buy, or ecommerce business builds.

Either way, to participate in this ecommerce boom,

is one that should be recognized in the year of 2018.


Article Discussion of Business and Building

This article piece will dive into the discussion and topics surrounding the E-business model

and infrastructure of online business websites,

concentrating on an ecommerce background.

However, before we can start our dive into the

Business Models, let us look at a few definitions

commonly used in this marketplace for a greater understanding.



What does Ecommerce Mean




What does Ecommerce Mean?

Great question, since this is the foundation of your online search or inquiry, for the most part.

This definition will establish the groundwork for a successful e-bsuiness buy or sell.

This is true, regardless if you use this information for future decision making or decide to act now!

Yes, the numbers of Ecommerce Trends look appealing to many at first glance,

and the statistics as we have mentioned above, do support and encourage this thought process.

However, a solid base for understanding will only help you hit your full profit potential.

As you know, most business owners and entrepreneurs

dislike being off target, so education and execution are key.


Practical Matters of Ecommerce?

We compiled a few resources to give the best overview of the definition, not just for learning purposes,

but also for practicality purposes. According to, investors word,

the ecommerce definition consists of the

practice of buying and selling of products, goods or services by a business.

In the world of e-commerce, these goods are purchased

by consumers online, through an e-commerce site.


Online Consumer?

The act by which an online business supplies goods

to an online consumer, without the need of any paper documents,

to exchange the transaction is the true difference in that of a retail business, and one that exists completely online.

This definition provides the real and practical difference

between a retail business, and one that exists entirely online.

The transfer of goods and the

entire buying transaction process is done entirely online.

These buying functions are now available, through the

electronic channel and means of an entirely different business mode, ecommerce.


“Electronic Commerce” or e-commerce – The Beginning

According to Wkiversity, the original definition evolved from its original practice,

of just showing online or electronic shopping.

Now, if you consider the term ecommerce, you can see that it has many different areas of functionality,

in part with the help of the Internet and Online Web Technologies.

This enabled the process of electronic commerce

to expand and develop beyond any singular buying online process.

There can be a combination of what is also known as the “click and mortar building front.”



Click and Mortar vs Brick and Mortar


Click and Mortar vs Brick and Mortar?

You guess it!

The online establishments or online stores, are also known as, click and mortar businesses.

The brick and mortar version is the more traditional retail storefront locations.

You may see them as you drive to run your local errands.

This is where you walk into the actual establishment

and buy your tangible product in the physical form.


Physical Form of Business

Think of a physical bank location or a retail mobile phone service shop.

Both business establishments are that of brick and mortar.

However, this is where the combination of the two,

can intermingle to create a more streamlined business.

For example, a local insurance agency has a retail shop located in Los Angeles, California, been there for years.

The agency owner has built up a nice commercial insurance book over the course of 3 decades.

Now, the owner of this retail storefront business is looking to do what most business

owners want to do, which is to create, More Business!

How do you expand and grow your business operations in order to fulfill this wish?

Great question, and what brings us to our

next areas of discussion, online technology, and integration.


Online Technology Integration to Expand Current Business Profits

So, how do you grow your current business,

or find new business opportunities for future business success?

You guessed it, the information and technology age of doing business.

The two go hand in hand. That is information and technology.

Without balanced and researched information and industry insight,

new technological ways of doing business might not be discovered.

So, we salute the introduction of technology in the world of retail businesses,

since this is an actionable step to increase business profits, NOW, in 2018!

So, lets look at some of these steps, you can take for your current retail business,

or future business exploration, as a retail business owner.


 Technology Implementation in Retail Business


Technology Implementation in Retail Business

What actionable steps can you take now, if you are a current retail business owner?

Think about operating your business completely offline for this business scenario.

You guess it, go online, and integrate your current retail business model,

with that of an e-commerce business model.

How do you do this?


Implementation of Technology

This is through the incorporation of new technology, and trends into your current

business model, and not just building a website.

This is because, the building of a business without a strategized plan for current trends,

is just setting your business up for failure.

So, make sure you are following advice from business experts in the field,

as well as the most current technological trends.

This will help you keep an edge for the competition,

since technology is ever evolving at an increasingly rapid pace.


Local Insurance Retail Owner – Example Review

Let’s use a local insurance agency for the example of

technology integration with a traditional retail shop.


Because, it will give a great overview of how an integration

of ecommerce and retail can come together with great success.

So, in this example, the insurance agency owner could build an

online website to facilitate the online user base already in place.

This new insurance website, would not only help serve the current client base,

but also, to attract an entirely new one. Win – Win – Win case scenario!


Find Online Web Technology and Tools 2018?

This is achieved through the fundamentals of building an online website, the right way,

which will be discussed in later chapters with the “steps to building an online business”.

For the time being, we will examine how the retail insurance owner

can prosper from the creation of a new online website.

In this example, the website alone, would not be achieving the desired results

of what an ecommerce business model should look like.

This is because, the website needs to have functions and technology to

support this new online market, and business approach.

For example, web technology tools, such as web tools executed by Amazon,

can help expedite this online business process.

So, it is the process of the two, that is, the brick and mortar example,

with a click and mortar business model.


Business Opportunities – Combination of Transactions?

So, what does this combination mean?

It means that the actual transaction process can be started and

finished either through a website or a physical site.

The option of two sources can help attract a new local market,

which is the new direction many Local Seo Campaigns are taking.

That is the new emerging keyword of, “near me”.

Any other word or term that follows suit to this

meaning, is also being included in the new keyword search.

This is also with the help from new web technology

and services, not always available, such as geo-targeting and marketing.

This is under the new advances in Search and Reverse Search Engineering.

Now, that you understand that other emerging trends are developing as a result

from these two processes joining together, the two will only help to create a

powerful marketing and lead generation funnel for your future.



Types of Combined Online Selling Establishments



Types of Combined Online Selling Establishments

So, now that the framework for the meaning of Electronic

commerce as online selling has been established,

lets look at the actual services offered through this combined business exchange.

So, some examples of this cross-selling retail exchange,

and electronic business model, is, through the following below:


  • Trip and travel arrangements online
  • Medical consultations online
  • Remote work and education


Business Opportunity Models – Digital Format

Even though the option of having two types of business models exists,

the actual products are moving towards the digital format is what needs to be addressed.

Yes, the tangible products are still available

for purchase, for example, a newspaper or magazine business.

The difference is, however, the push for more digital formats in its place.

Think of all the products now, that you can buy on a digital platform?

  • News
  • Video
  • Audio
  • Software
  • Online Knowledge-Based Products


You can look at the commerce industry, to that of a tangible catalog shopping.

Or, like the home shopping network, on television.


Concluding Thoughts:

Now that you have explored the

illustrations and definitions of what ecommerce or electronic commerce is,

you are ready for the next learning phase. This learning phase will now explore the

different types of business models found in an ecommerce business model.

These business opportunities

will be explored in more depth, to uncover the best buying models for 2018.

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