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Green Business Ideas & Opportunities? – (Future of Technology!)

Green Business Ideas & Opportunities? – (Future of Technology!)

Green Business Ideas and Opportunities, stem from understanding how new

technology in the field of environmental safety and progression, has impacted

certain segments within the economy to adopt more green business practices!



Green Business Technology Development

Technologies in development are changing our standards and quality

of living in many areas of our lives, normally not imagined.

Think of all the daily tasks that you perform, that require some piece of technology.

Ask yourself if the absence of this technology in your device or equipment piece existed,

would it effect the performance, quality or pleasure of your experience?

If the answer is “yes”, then you can understand from firsthand experience

the importance of new technology, and it’s evolving application and integration

into our daily lives!



Green Business Ideas



Security and Technology

With the new development of technology, must also be a level of security to ensure

that businesses who associate with such technology, are not just protecting

their business safety, but also, their clients or customers personal information.

This can come in the form of certain customer service platforms or software technologies,

that have already been introduced in many industries and businesses.



Such Industries as:




This is an important topic to touch on when discussing technology

development and advancements in business.

This is because, a huge parallel of user return, or repeat business,

depends heavily on the trust of the company in which they are doing business with.



Public Trust of Technology?

For example, if negative press should exist online about your business,

or customer experience, this can destroy your production performance and company reputation.

This is an example of advanced technology, such as the internet in this case, clashing with public trust.

Just like a politician, bad press, if not controlled and monitored properly, c

an be detrimental to online websites or ecommerce business sites,

and not to mention all the small business owners.

These types of online businesses, rely on positive

user feedback to grow their product and market reach.

Consider all the online review sites, and you will soon realize

the importance of this business ingredient.



  • Yelp
  • Google
  • Mapquest
  • BBB
  • Chamber of Commerce



There are methods of countering such negative press,

which involve accountability and business responsibility.



Green Business Ideas in orange county ca


Business Defense

Each case or example, may have varying factors, and require different

online tactics to negate any negative statements.

This is when you can use technology in the form of a communication channel,

to denounce or debunk any falsehoods or claims made against your business.

This is how technology integration in your business operation,

can help not only streamline the process, but provide a layer of insurance security.

This posting, will cover new technologies for 2018!



Personal Transportation

Since many Americans leave to work each day in their vehicles,

we decided to start with the automotive and transportation industry.

This industry has many new changes and technology advancements.

This only leads into newer and more functional platforms.

The first platform that will be examined,

is clean energy in the automotive and transportation industry.



Clean Energy and The Transportation Industry

Before we begin with what exactly is going on with clean energy and auto making,

let’s look at the definition of what clean energy stands for.

Clean energy is renewable energy, without the toxic output into our environment.

Now that you have a good grasp of what clean energy is, let’s look at how

it influences in practice, from U.S. Energy Information Administration.



Energy Sources?

The list below, will have 5 of the most common used renewable energy sources.

Review them to see if your business is operating with this new clean energy system.


Below are five commonly used renewable energy channels:


  • Biomass—includes:
    • Wood and wood waste
    • Municipal solid waste
    • Landfill gas and biogas
    • Ethanol
    • Biodiesel
  • Hydropower
  • Geothermal
  • Wind
  • Solar



As you can see, there are many options to clean

energy resources for future use and investment.


Green Business Ideas in orange county



Transportation and Clean Energy?

You can take this clean energy development information

and apply it to the actual formation of new vehicles as well.

Why not, this has become such a hot new trending market.

This is in relationship to green movements, and environmental organizations,

to social media support and public support and influence.

According to UCSUSA, it is suspected that over 19 million barrels of oil use go on daily.

What does this mean to you, on a personal and business level, if applicable?

It should mean a lot to you, since this daily level of oil consumption from Americans,

costs more than just gas money at the tank.

This is the point of introduction, where clean vehicles

were introduced to the automotive marketplace.



Introduction of Clean Vehicles to American Highways

In part, clean vehicles were made to reduce our oil

dependency need from outside or foreign sources.

This can lead to reduce political struggles,

where countries in high supply of oil, are also:


  • in high supply of political conflicts,
  • civil unrest,
  • and economic decline or,
  • distribution and access




Common Soil?

We will not dive into the international affairs surrounding foreign politics,

as American innovation of technology is being addressed in this

article piece, but the impact on a global scale will be noted.

However, future article references, will show the foreign or

international relationship to technology and business.



Universal Generalization?

This is a broad generalization, since international and foreign politics will not be

examined in relationship to new advances in technology.

This topic is catered around the American related impact.

However, this is not to dismiss the importance of exploring,

in further detail with comparative analysis, international affairs in correlation to technology.

This further research and study will help to understand the technology global rat race.

This is because as countries compete to gain this advantage, so does the number of players.

As we explore the many ways it has transformed and

reshaped American traditions, from a grand scale, to that of a local level.

So, join us, as we dive into more talk of technology!



Domestic Talks of Technology

This talk of technology will take us back to the soils of the United States,

as we explore the impact of removing our need from oil required vehicles to more cleaner ones.

This was to serve many purposes, as we have explained,

and cited from outside sources, UCSUSA.

To help reduce oil dependency from both national and foreign resources,

lets dissect the different layers to this infrastructure.



  • Local
  • State
  • National



Green Business Ideas in California



Government Flow of Green?

Now that you see the internal framework of our government system,

let’s explore the effects of oil producing vehicles on our economy, health and business.

Did you know that 30 percent of US carbon dioxide emissions

and 5 percent of the worlds global pollution, comes from our transportation system?

Where in transportation is technology revealed in certain products?

This can be seen from the below transportation systems:




Now, take those numbers, and figure in the direct effect

this pollution transmission is having on our environment.

It can already be seen in today’s environment, unfortunately through global warming.

Global warming occurs with the rise of sea levels, or the more frequent and

more intense heat waves, felt across certain parts of the United States.

You can take this information and address it to real life examples seen in today’s climate.

More evidence?



US: Global Warming Impact?

Climate change can be a question in debate with some, however if the facts

are reviewed only, without opinion, climate change can be seen as a real,

and definite event in our global system.

Where can this be witnessed, and documented for empirical proof of detection of climate change?

This can be seen with the gap reduction of temperatures

between the North Pole and those to the south.



More Evidence?

With the winds weakening in the upper atmosphere,

conditions are being channeled in new and different ways.

According to the NCDC, the average temperature of the air over the Arctic land,

from last year, was reported the second highest, after 2016.

This temperature monitoring has been conducted since the 1900’s,

where 2016 fell into the highest reported year from this start year.

The readings and findings of this evidence, were coming back with

2.9 degrees of Fahrenheit above the average from the years, 1981 to 2010.

This information was sourced at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.



Green Business Ideas LA


Further Climate Deterioration

Further evidence of climate deterioration is the amount of summer sea ice that exists in the Arctic.

The number has declined significantly more than 30 percent from the past few

decades as reported from several environmental agencies, including, NCDC.

The exposed open water and land, must adjust and absorb heat,

while accelerating the warming effect on the environment.

This trend, unfortunately has been occurring more frequently and quicker than even computer models can project.

Future forecasts and predictions, assume that in the next few decades,

from the time of this article writing, 2018, having

an ice-free summer around the pole, is highly likely.



Pollution Creation

Now, oil consumption does not just drive global warming, it also creates air pollution.

In the United States, transportation is the largest source or cause of this air pollution.

Just in the year 2013, it was reported, that half of the carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides,

with approximately a quarter of hydrocarbons,

were contributed from that of our transportation use.

Yes, us!



Transportation Use and Air Pollution

Yes, our daily drives on the highways and freeways to report to work, or commute

for social connections, are all factors for frequency in travel time and use.

The purchase of more vehicles per household, meaning, now Americans per household,

have more vehicles, is also another contributing factor to this increase.

The increased number of vehicles and population growths in certain

metropolitan areas are being felt and documented.

This translates into increased traffic congestion, since in many highly populated areas,

like Los Angeles, are limited to more space for highway construction.



Pollution Solving Techniques?

So, other means of reducing the vehicle use on the California highways,

for example, come in the form of carpools or rideshares.

These two alternative options for transportation, can reduce these

harmful emissions being transmitted into our air from vehicle use.



Green Business Ideas in Los Angeles



Concluding Thoughts:

Business ideas and opportunities, have progressed through green business approaches through

the help of technology. Technology has transformed so many aspects of our daily functions, from both

work and home.

This involves our work commute, and transportation methods, to how we buy products online!

Security and green in the business infrastructure is, key to a successful new venture or business investment.

What side of the aisle will you be siting on?



Curious to find what a Green Business Looks like?


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