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We focus on providing a superior service to our clients through our diverse backgrounds and history of success. Building value one stop at a time we focus on serving large corporations, lower-mid market and small businesses with mergers and acquisitions, business brokerage, valuation, and consulting services.

Guiding Principles

Honesty and Integrity

From the beginning of our partnerships with each of our clients we will give a candid assessment of the opportunity. As a firm we strive to uphold the highest level of honesty and integrity, not only on behalf of ourselves, but also on behalf of our clients. We will not act or agree to participate in any behavior that compromises this core value.

Exceed Expectations

As an organization we strive to exceed client expectations no matter the nature of our partnership. Relentlessly focused on building our reputation, not relying on it.


As a firm we establish partnerships with each of our clients that places personal attention on the success of their goals. We are not afraid to advise against a transaction that is not in our client’s best interest and will tirelessly pursue and execute those that are.


ProNova Partners believes in celebrating our successes and the things most important in life. We take the time to celebrate our family, internal team, client partnerships, firm accomplishments and the goals we help our clients achieve.


We are an open ocean firm. This means that wherever you envision your narrative taking you, we can craft solutions to enable your journey and our firm will make it as smooth as possible. ProNova Partners believes in developing a true partnership with each client. As partners our firm works in a collaborative manner every step of the way to ensure smooth and timely execution.

Flexible Approach

Often the M&A process is confounding and potentially stressful. ProNova Partners recognizes that every client has unique and diverse characteristics. As a result, our services are tailored to fit the specified requirements of each client to ensure their success. We provide constant feedback and updates so you are apprised of the status of your transaction.

Sell Your Business

Whether you have spent 10 months, 10 years, or your family has spent 10 decades on the development, execution, and evolution of your enterprise to where it stand at this very moment, you owe it to yourself and everyone that counts on you as the primary decision maker / business owner to maximize the one chance you get to sell your business.

We are a seasoned team of acquisition professionals that will be on your side to navigate and overcome all the numerous perils that may surface during the transaction process, from the initial consultation and due diligence packaging all the way through to the successful close. We will maintain confidentiality throughout the entire process, run a competitive buyer process to ensure you secure top dollar, and be able to accomplish all of this while negotiating on your behalf from a position of strength.

Buy A Business

No matter the industry, geography, revenue thresholds or sales price targets you’re after, you name it, we will deliver your ideal acquisition to you efficiently. Whether it’s one of our existing sell-side engagements, coordinating & cooperating with another third-party firm, or you hire us formally to “go out and get it,” we will stop at nothing in order to deliver a successful acquisition to you.