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22 Reasons to Secure your Business after a Sell or Buy!

22 Reasons to Secure your Business after a Sell or Buy!

After you have purchased your new business, rather it be a Commercial Trucking Agency or not,

make sure to review some of the most common areas for safety and business preparation in the

transportation and insurance industry. However, many apply to other business types, so make sure

to review all 22. You never know when you might be in the market to

purchase a new business venture, or expand the one you currently have.

These are the fundamental steps, that when overlooked, can be costly to your current or future

business operation. So, lets begin with # 1



#1. Load Safety Recommendations 

A lot goes behind the safety of this duty. It is recommended to load and transport cargo property.

It should include proper type of vehicle, and the number of personal and adequate equipment.

There should be no protruding or unevenly load, and all that should be authorized.

Tail gate loads are another type of load that should also be avoided.



#2. Tire Safety

Some safety tips are ones you can see and others you cannot with the visible eye.

However, one of the most common features of transportation can

be seen with the naked eye, and they are the wheels.

So, to reduce any chance of the tire to have accidents on its own,

try not to use the on steering wheel positions.

The steering wheel is based on the frame of the vehicle for direction driving.

So, the wheel base follows the steering direction.



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#3. Rented, Loaned, Leased Vehicles

You might have experienced all three of these types of transportation modes.

For the most part, we have all been in at least one of these categories.

Just keep in mind with the familiar category or box you would be listed in.

This image will help with the recommendation process.

It is recommended to not rent, loan borrow or lease any vehicles

or equipment to others unless you desperately need to.



#4. Financial Agreement

If you are already involved in an agreement, then you will want to take some actionable steps.

For example, retain any safety notices and records indefinitely.

The point to this matter is to document the condition of any equipment.

You will want to do it before its release to the user and then once again, once it is return.

This will help to identify any changes or damages. It also prevents future damage

from occurring. If a damage item is noted, it can be fixed.

If this checklist was not in place, then the damage

may go unnoticed, until an accident might arise.



#5. Crime Prevention Recommendations

This is such a hot topic of conversation when it comes to safety concerns.

There are many components and levels to this type of security prevention.

The first recommendation starts with the act

of observance, which is security review.



#6. Security Review

It’s not what you think it is. To reduce your overall crime exposure, you should inspect your company.

These inspections however, should be conducted by a

qualified security firm or from your local policy department.

You want either party to review the physical and

procedural securities used in the business operations.

This will provide a professional overview of the

entire safety game plan for the entire operation.

This safety overview has such an important plan to have in place.

It provides a professional and experienced eye looking at your security plan.

This security measure can assist in other layers of your business as well.

Just imagined if you had security watch at this level on every level.



#7. Computer Security

Yes, we are talking computers. This is such a big facet of a business operation,

and has so many internal layers within the system or business model.

The computer security plan is in place to reduce the possibility

of unauthorized access to computer information.

How is this done you might ask? Great question, and we have an answer.

It is done through a thorough review of your current EDP system’s access procedures.

These access points are reviewed for security points.



#8. Test Run – Security Check Point

Security personal will attempt to access and retrieve any information from these points.

It will provide an overview of what areas are vulnerable

or susceptible to hack attacks, and/or cyber security issues.

These are security measures for both the business owner and the consumer.



#9. Network Access Points of Security

The computer security for the business as an example, would be network access control procedures.

These network access control procedures should be in placed to

limit access of personnel to only those areas on your computer system.

This access point would be for personnel that are relevant to the job they do or their job description.

So, for example, if a technical engineer is trying to access human

resource management files, an error message would apply to the computer administered.

The administration on the computer network would be notified.

This notification would trigger a firewall like wall for protection online.

So, the job description and worker assignment for access point,

go hand in hand. These two are in perfect union for the ultimate cyber protection in relation to access points.

This level of cyber security is beneficial in reducing internal personnel security breaches.



#10. Employee Fidelity Protection

Now, that we have brought up employees or personnel of a business,

let’s look at the actual role of an employee in relation to the security of a business.

If there is a network of cyber security for internal personnel,

then imagine how a company is going to protect the financial end of their employees’ actions.

So, all individuals for example, should be adequately

screened before they are hired for any sensitive positions.

These sensitive positions would include job duties

of handling of money and or valuable property.



#11. Proper Screening Protocols

Screening should include communications with all previous employers

and references, and not just glancing at the resume.

You as a business owner, will want to ensure that no prior employee

dishonesty issues occurred. This will provide an overview

of the past record of the potential candidate.

Especially, if your business operation involves the handling of money or assets.

For example, if you’re an insurance agency or financial or banking investor.

Save yourself from future headaches and any issues

with security breaches and do that background screening.

This will help eliminate any bad seeds before they take root within the organization.



#12. Outside Screening Checklist

So, outside of screening, an implementation checklist should be in position.

Meaning, you will want to do periodical screenings.

Also, screenings with higher sensitive areas as well.

This means that even if an employee has passed the initial screening process,

a 12-month run later should be performed on

the same individual to ensure consistency,

and equilibrium among the workplace.

This will also set presence for potential candidates.



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#13. Access Control

The next layer to security is the reduction or total elimination of access control.

It is where issues happen out of, that is access control.

For example, the possibility of vandalism, theft, arson or accidental

loss can be reduced by putting in place security measures.

These measures are selective and restrict the access to:


  • crucial warehousing,
  • shipping,
  • or office areas



A recommendation to inspect all such areas and determine what steps can be

taken before any unauthorized access, is the first step in

reducing or eliminating these types of hazards.

You may never be able to secure the main access control point.

It can be an impossible feat in some areas of operations.

But, having some plan in place, regardless of its size or level, is important.

It lays the groundwork for future security measures,

and keeps personnel on the same page.



#14. Money and Securities – The Financial Bind

If you have a business operation, make sure that you are having your deliveries

and pickups conducted at different times and points in the schedule.

So, don’t have drop offs on every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10am in the morning.

Very predictable, and very visible as a target.

Taking these precautions, helps to reduce any

memorization of the pickup or drop-off schedule.



#15. What is Driver Location and Security?

Also, driver collection for local delivers should be restricted or

eliminated altogether whenever possible, for obvious reasons.

This is because a driver is most vulnerable for theft or security issues.

The runs rather be deposits or safe protection,

should be established during peak shipping periods.

The large crowds, can be used as a source of protection.

Not in the form of body protection, but the in the

form of law of large numbers. These hours, many eyes are out.

Someone committing crimes on these types of vehicles

or any vehicles, do not normally do them during peak times.

This is because, there are too many people who can be possible witnesses.



#16. Employee Safety Recommendations

As with most things in business, it is good to have the entire team involved when a team presence is needed.

In this example, it is the involvement in the action of the safety plan.

This will ensure everyone is on the same page on game-day.

So, having all personnel involved on some level with the safety measures,

other safer measures or recommendations can take birth.

Sometimes, only those working on the frontlines can describe areas of improvement best.

They work these same lines day after day, and are more

willing to open on new ways of improving their work days.



Business Opportunities for Owners in safety



#17. Improved Working Conditions?

Who does not want a better working environment?

Most people would agree, that improving their current working conditions is a top priority.

This is because most people spend most of their waking hours at work.

They spend more hours at work than they do at their home front.

So, solutions to make the workplace better is always an open topic of discussion.



#18. Accident Review Committee

Now that you have brought your team together on the safety front,

let’s look at the accident review committee.

This is an important committee to create within your organization.

This employee committee is responsible to review all the claims with injured employees.

Then a reenactment of the accident, and a report to management of the cause of the accident would be performed.

The report should also include any recommendations for preventing similar accidents in the future.

This means it’s a proactive approach to taking safety recommendations in place.

This example is just to circle the employee involvement with this subject.



#19. Check Previous WC Claims

What’s workers compensation?

If you have employees, and are a business owner,

then more than likely you have a good understanding of what it is.

The standard workers compensation policy will only

apply for states that are specified in the policy declarations.

For example, California Workers Compensation is different than Texas Workers Compensation.

You can find these in section 3A in your policy sheets.

Just remember, that other states will have different wording.

This means that the wording is customarily added to cover all other states not listed in the policy.

This is where the incidental operations may be conducted in.

This C&H endorsement can be added to the basic

workers compensation policy to cover these employees.

This coverage is while they are working on piers, docks, terminals or other areas covered under this act.



#20. Blanket Policy of Responsibility – Workers Compensation

This would be an important role for the trucking company who employs

personnel that may occasionally be hauling or working in these states.

It is like a blanket of protection. What is interesting to note however is,

that other states wording has traditionally been written to exclude monopolistic states.

This will typically include reciprocal laws.

These laws will have been relied upon to provide coverage

for employees while located in such states.



#21. Tracking Difficulties

The problem with this approach is, that it can be extremely difficult to keep track with.

This is because these monopolistic states maintain agreements.

Especially, for companies that conduct national levels basis of a business.

So, a better solution would do reduce the number or possibilities of uninsured loss.

This is to write the other sates wording provision to include coverage for monopolistic states.



#22. Transit Transportation

Also, transit companies may engage in work where employees may be covered

under the United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Act.

A common example, might involve drivers who haul to or from a harbor or port terminal. A special USL

Depending on the state you live in, you will want to make an inquiry to your

state workers compensation commission for past claims history.

Do this on all appropriate prospective employees.

This will provide a clear past track history on all potential prospects.

It will show if a colorful workers compensation history is present.

This can save any potential employers from choosing a candidate

that could possibly create an unstable financial platform in the future.


Business Opportunities for Owners



As you can see, there are many areas to review when discussing business safety and preparation.

However, many companies and businesses find that outside help, can assist

their operation in running every checklist appropriately. With so many different state regulations

and policies, it is best to reach out for expert advice.

To find out more, contact a trusted business adviser from ProNova Partners.

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