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Technology in the Workplace?

Technology in the Workplace? – As an example, think of all the

jobs that computers and the internet have taken away. However,

the upside is, there have also been new fields of industries being created,

as these products enter the marketplace.

For example, before the age of internet and computers,

the occupation of SEO, or search engine optimization

was nonexistent.


Technology and Business: Purpose?

Makes sense.

Why would anyone need to be the first page of a search engine,

if no search engine even existed? This example, drawn out yes,

does show the historical roots and formation of new and emerging jobs.


Education and Technology

Growth in the field of technology and computers is exploding.

Look at the degrees now offered from Colleges and Universities across

the United States. Many new programs and degrees have

surfaced because of this new advancement.

  • Computer Programming 
  • Technical 
  • Web Design / Front End Development
  • SEO – Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • PPC Marketing

Educational Development of Technological Professions?

You can see fields and college majors, that was not even

conceptualized due to the lack of technology.

However, once technology took root, and shaped how we transact business

operations and work operations, more jobs were created to meet this need.

So, a typographer or a person writing on typewriters for a living would

have needed to evolve his or her work into the more updated system

of computers. In doing so, new markets started to trend and evolve.


New Careers?

As in this example, many graphic designer jobs started to emerge

and replace the typographer jobs that were dropped during

this technological transition to acritical intelligence.

Source: Harvard Business Review

As with many things in life, it is sometimes easier to concentrate on

the negative of an issue or topic, instead of looking at the added

benefit it may have not just on you, as an individual, but for the

entire process of system development.


System Development?

This system development is one that we depend on, and why

we should focus the attention on some positive outcomes with

these new job market trends. For example, there are many people

that can work from home, invest in building a home-based business,

or just operating from a remote office location.


Technological Functionalities?

These functionalities and utilities were not imaginable until

the invention of this new technology. So, as you can see,

if this new advancement never existed, just think of all the

jobs that would not be in business or on the marketplace for sale.

That figure would include some of the following jobs: 



New Components in Technology?

Technology Advancements – Pocket Supercomputers –

Ready for some staggering results and numbers, well here it goes.

By the year 2020, it is measured that at least 80 percent of adults

living on planet earth will have some form of an internet-connected smartphone.

Yes, this means the iPhone is here to stay! The new technology of phones

today, for example, the iPhone has many

more transistors than the 1995 Intel Pentium computer.


Small Technology?

Therefore, these small devices are considered

to be the smallest supercomputers available.

Of course, this statement can change with the advent of new technology and devices.

If technology has already drastically improved in functionality

and operationality, then imagine how it will appear in a decade after 2020,

and beyond. As you can see from the 2 images below, one the entitled year 2005,

and the one right below indicating the year 2013. If you examine both photos,

you can see an immediately obvious difference, other than

one lady turning around in photo with the year, 2005.

(source: Business Insider).


Interactions with New Technology?

All kidding aside, you can see the increased use of technology from

the audience members from the year 2013. You can see the magnitude

of smartphone technology being integrated into the way of life.

It makes you wonder how engagement has been affected by

these two images.


Case Example of Technology?

For example, since there are many smartphones

capturing this event, regardless of its message. This message

can now be shared instantly with family and friends, and reach

an unimaginable number of people, all from the seat within

the auditorium. The same cannot be said for the image in the year, 2005.

What is amazing, is this photo is not even a decade apart, yet there is

such a drastic change in how we communicate

and share the information we receive.


Accessibility to Technology?

Access to Technology? – Internet-connected smartphones and devices

were the luxury of the elite, until prices became more affordable.

There are still people that cannot afford such technology, but that

a margin has been slowly diminishing as new advances in technology

have reduced the cost of production.


Cost of Technology?

Thus, the reduction in the cost of production

is carried over to the consumer, making its reach larger and more widescale.

This can be reiterated through a quote from Peter Diamandis,

who believes we focus too much on the negative news. “Right now, a Masai

warrior on a mobile phone in the middle of Kenya has better mobile

communications than the president did 25 years ago.

If he’s on a smartphone using Google, he has access to more

information than the U.S. president did just 15 years ago.” — Peter Diamandis


Current Development?

Currency Development – Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains

This has been a conversation and discussion on many news

channels, and other alternative sources of information.

Even though this new industry of currency has been in development,

there is still a large number of people who are not necessarily

familiar with its process and internal system.


Technology in the Workplace


Currency Exchange?

This is because this new way of currency exchange is a series of internet

protocols, that may affect certain industry groups or businesses.

The purpose of this new money or currency exchange is to basically decentralize

the network of information nodes.

That means, making it available without 3rd party regulation, through other means.

This will be explained in further detail but view the quote below from Farmer and Farmer.

It will provide historical insight into today’s new technology while making the key point.

“If you asked people in 1989 what they needed to make their life better,

it was unlikely that they would have said a decentralized network

of information nodes that are linked using hypertext.” — Farmer & Farmer


Technology Overview?

In order to have a better understanding of this new currency system,

it is helpful to look at the protocols surrounding this technology.

This is because internet protocols are the mainframe of this operation,

and have been in the works for many years, decades in

some cases, depending on specific technology integration.


Technology Protocols?

For example, think of protocols as the plumbing of the internet,

it helps as a visualization for imagery demonstration purposes.

Most of these protocols are found in institutions such as academia and government.

However, currently, protocol development has mostly

stopped due to energy shifting and new development.

This new development has shaped proprietary systems, such as:


Without even knowing it, the same technology used to send your friend a message

also has the same technology for cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies.


New Business Model?

A new business model is on the rise because of this new

technology advanced by cryptocurrency and blockchain.

Just in this year alone, hundreds of millions of dollars have been raised for

innovative blockchain-based protocols.


Concluding Thoughts: New Protocols?

These protocols are being based on blockchains with

previous compatibilities that the original protocols didn’t offer.

Ethereum is an example of this breakthrough.

This new blockchain based protocol is used

to create smart contracts, with trusted databases.

Security and protection is everything with this

type of industry, and business operation.

This is because these databases were created for the immunity

of outside or internal corruption, as well as any censorship.

Check out new business engagements with advanced technology!

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