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Small Business Marketing Tips for 2018!

Small Business Marketing Tips for 2018!

Marketing Tools and Techniques for Insurance Marketing and

Small Business Marketing is a must in today’s ever-changing market.

With talks of new currency exchange, to customer outreach, many areas of doing business

have alternated. This is why we have devoted an entire series on the marketing preparation topic,

and execution of each tip, to sustain a profitable business,

regardless of size, in this new economic digital climate.


Small Business Marketing Ideas

The Marketing Preparation – Press Releases for Insurance Agencies?

If you have been following our internet marketing series in business,

you would have already performed a competitor background analysis.

Since there are many industries at large, a list of industries,

will be covered to discuss specific aspects of each marketing strategy.

This is because, some industries, may flourish with certain

types of marketing strategies, whereas others would fail.

This also depends on physical location and industry demographics,

for each niche industry.

For example, business brokerage firms, according BBB, used mostly

Linked for their social media networking.



Small Business Marketing



Social Media and Property & Casualty Insurance

Whereas, other industries, like Tech or Property and Casualty Insurance companies,

focus more on the Facebook and twitter formats.

This of course, can be broken down even further by industry group.

For example, under the umbrella of Property and Casualty menu box,

another category of insurance, Trucking Transportation

or Commercial Auto Insurance, would appear.

This type of industry, has a different approach to marketing,

and strategies of building and branding their business.

The actual social outreach programs and associations,

are a great marketing tool to develop into online social media campaigns.



Trucking Insurance Observation

This will be examined in more depth, under the

trucking insurance marketing series blogs.

But for conversation, this provides a basic overview of how each subcategory

within a category varies on its approach to online and internet marketing.

So, with a wealth of information at your fingertips,

why not follow a successful or rival competitor?



Competition on the Rise – Mirror Business Marketing Strategy

Not only can this process be fun, because it is, but you

can learn an enormous amount of information.

This information can come from the study of the

internal workings of your competitor, or competition.

For example, if you are an independent insurance agent,

located somewhere in Los Angeles, CA, you might have other

strategies to local marketing than your completion down the street.



Inside Knowledge

So, having inside knowledge about how your competitor down

the street is attracting new sales and business growth, is very alluring.

Of course, you would like to know, “why the local insurance agent is outselling your agency and team?”.

Especially, because when you both, may have the

same product lineup, marketplace, and team lineup.



Small Business Marketing tips


Competitor Analysis – Market Watch

You might have come across this information through outside sources,

that led you to investigate the “why” part of this business growth.

You start with a thorough analysis of your new competition, competitors or local rival.

This analysis starts online, and in search of everything linked to this

competitor by search results is key to a successful campaign.



Discovery – Internal Marketing Branching

Learn as much as possible for yourself, even if you have

hired an outside SEO or marketing company.

This is crucial to your overall marketing and business development and ultimate success.

Start with learning all the links associated to

your competitors, their main URLs or domain site.

You can quickly see what type of links are connecting to this domain,

by just typing in their name into search.



Appearance in Search – Business Discovery

Many items will appear in search, after you plug in

your competitors’ information or name.

This search result will present many different types of

links and information below the initial search box.

Below this scattered competitor’s information,

you will find their, main domain site of the business.



Copy and Review

Make sure to copy and save their main URL link. This will be used

in later intelligence and investigation studies on your competition.

Just keep in mind, that your competition may have many domain sites,

and links, but finding their main one, helps define your

actual blueprint of internet marketing and strategy.



More Competitor Intelligence – Search Success

There is even more information, possible marketing strategies,

and other competitor knowledge to learn.

Scroll down and find all the different types of links.

For example, you might find company Facebook pages,

or business twitter accounts and more.

These are called referring domains in the world of internet marketing.

What does this mean, you ask?

This means the domains that are pointing to your competitor’s website

are the ones labeled a “referring domain”.

This is because they are referring authority and search traffic to your website.



Indirect Internet Marketing

Typically, this indirect approach to increasing search traffic to your home page,

or main money landing page, is a great strategy to build both page rank and domain rank.

There is a detailed approach to how each referring domain is valued in the SEO world.

Many marketing approaches exist, but for each industry a

thorough niche competitor analysis must first be done.



Niche Rivals – Find First for Business Marketing Strategy

Find those rivals in your own backyard.

You know, the ones that keep you up at night.

A good and healthy approach to competition is always

recommended, for mind and body balance.

It is fun to be competitive, so enjoy doing it,

learning about it, and incorporating it into your daily routine.



Process of Growth and Education in Internet Marketing

The process of winning is just as fun as winning.

Yes, this is true, because, you have learned and learned

to enjoy the learning process of how to win.

There are many areas to this section of internet marketing and competition,

and a more detail process exists within each industry and field.

This process will be explained, in much more detail,

in our technology industry online marketing series.



Back-end Analysis

Through your backend analysis, a simple online search version,

you should have seen patterns and behaviors of your competitors.

This approach focuses on the online marketing direction, target keywords and marketing patterns.

This is exactly what you what to have in your own arsenal, so,

make sure to keep good notes of this discovery for future use.

This information can be apart of your tool shed

for future strategy planning and development.



Market Strategy and Focus

You will want to keep focus on certain market groups, as example.

Look for areas that can be capitalized on from your competitor intelligence analysis.

This can help maximize your online search traffic

and online growth behavior and patterns.

Some areas of online traffic and search results,

that you will want to keep minded of, are:


  • Followed Traffic and Topics
  • How to implement tracking systems, like Google Trend and News Alerts?
  • Why to Follow Certain Topics and Traffic Channels?


Small Business Marketing in California


Marketing Internet Insight and Knowledge

These are important areas to focus on regardless of industry,

or business role or leadership status.

You may have discovered new online strategies, and internet marketing

techniques through examination of your competition.

This discovery of information could come from such sources,

as news mentions of your competition.



Competitor News Mention – Inside Intel

You want intel from your competition’s online

movement and traffic discoveries?

Of course, you do, therefore,

you track them in the first place.



Successful Marketing Techniques – Business Strategies

This is great news for finding what is working,

and working with great strength and success.

You can also discover the techniques that are not

working so well for your competition.

Learning your competition’s shortcomings, can also,

indirectly, help with new marketing development.



Competitor Online Layout

Basically, you want to know where your competitors are

gaining most of their online traction from.

By research and study, this new marketing information,

can expose you to new industry insight.

This can help tap into new niche markets, not yet tapped in,

or moving into an entirely new marketing platform.



Online Features

Your competition, for example, Progressive, may be using online mobile features

that are proving great user experience and repeat user traffic.

This is great news for their bottom line.

This is because by doing this type of marketing strategy, your competition is indirectly,

increasing their local and national brand image.

This will also indirectly affect their online business profile,

and company social signals online.



Sharing through Organic Search – The Business Online Cycle

Media sharing, and social media has impacted the

world of business, the insurance industry.

This is according to Insurance Journal.

They are taking notice of this online trend, and helping agents and brokers

to learn other methods of building their business or agency online.

This can occur through great reviews, likes and social shares.

These media shares, then lead to other social developments

and more increased online traffic.


Small Business Marketing ideas


Online Conversion Machine

This online conversion rate only increases through more

advanced technology and improvement.

This is because, new applications and online mobile features

for example, may have channeled a new line of traffic flow through company portal use.

You, as a middle to large size, local insurance agency,

may have all the features online and mobile, like that of Progressive Insurance.

However, they’re maybe a new piece of mobile technology and application,

that has been unseen due to its newness on the market.

You can also capitalize like your competitor, on this new untouched

for the most part, within the local and middle insurance market competition.


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