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Trucking Dispatch and Logistics Software Company

San Jose County, CA

Seller Financing: If the price and deal structure is right.

Asking Price: Best Possible Offer

Cash Flow $18,581

Gross Revenue: $52,281



Inventory: N/A

Established: 2019

Business Description

Detailed Information

Our client offers the business plus the source code (patent pending) for an Automated Dispatch and Logistics Management System with a defined Method of Use.

This is a unique, one-of-a-kind software product, with an established client base which is dramatically needed within the trucking industry. This product will revolutionize the way in which the trucking industry works. The Software and its revolutionary technique of reducing or eliminating dispatch interaction between driver and dispatcher, allows the driver to select loads, and constitutes a whole new approach to technology use for the trucking industry. The software’s goal is to cut labor expense and reduce operating costs for each truck. A further, very significant benefit is the improved quality of life for the driver.

State and global economies are entering a new age, and it is obvious that there will be a sea of change in the way business is transacted in the future. Transportation is certainly not immune to this situation. In discussions with transportation companies throughout the country, our client found that there are two distinct schools of thought: stay with the status quo or proactively retool.

The companies taking the “status quo” approach, of remaining as they are, and passively observing market changes, continuing as they have for the past 20+ years will not fare well. Our client believes this is a business model destined to falter or even fail.

Our client’s aggressively developed product for this market segment, aligns perfectly with the new requirements that continue to develop. This product will reduce a trucking companies’ costs associated with labor, fuel, tires and will also increase vehicle longevity.

Our client’s automated dispatch software is designed to improve trucking companies dispatch process by creating user customizable rule sets. These rule sets allow the trucking company to set priorities within the system that will filter the loads and trucks available into a virtual match for dispatching. The rule sets can be set by distance from load, hours available, profitability, ranked driver or some other method beneficial to a particular trucking company. The software is a SaaS tool that can use GPS (global position systems) to create mapping, routing, optimization, mileage, tracking, etc. to provide valuable information needed in the dispatching function.

This information is also valuable within the overall fleet management system to reduce data entry.

The utilization of this information throughout the systems allows our client’s software to be a single-entry integrated solution. The software is currently being used within a number of trucking companies throughout North America.

The software is also compatible with freight brokerage companies and third-party logistics due to the end-to-end business capabilities and carrier services.

NDA is required {SUBMIT BELOW} to receive comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners.

Facilities: N/A

Growth & Expansion:

The growth potential is virtually unlimited

Financing: If the price and deal structure is right.

Support & Training: As required per investment

Reason for Selling: Other business interests

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Pronova Partners

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