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Pump Manufacturer Business for Sale!

Are you looking for a Profitable Pump Manufacturer business for Sale? If so, this Pump Manufacturing Company for Sale is it!

This Manufacturing Pump Company for sale, prides itself on its ability to offer pump and motor industries services and products of the highest value, along with unmatched service.

It was never in the firms’ business plan to race to the floor just to secure work. Instead, the business model of providing high-value, reliable products which are endorsed by superior, dependable service, have proven more profitable and easier to market!

This holds true with a growing high-end clientele base!

Going above and beyond industry standards has resulted in a reputation that stands above the competition.


Pump Manufacturer Business for Sale in LA


Key Business Considerations?

By focusing on serving high-end industrial clientele, this Pump Manufacturing Business has not had a shortage of work.

Also, thanks to a full-service machine shop, it can fabricate hard-to-get or nonexistent parts on both support jobs and new installations, to get the job finished!


Because of this, a large percentage of the rivalry is not able to provide competitive bids!

  • Despite having never promoted or advertised the business, the manufacturing pump business grew during the recession; acquired many loyal, long-term, relationship-based clients and continues to grow!


No matter what the economy, people still require to remove waste from their amenities; big and small, new and old.

Furthermore, Seller accounts that the biggest customers are growing quickly! This can be an indication that the growth trend within and beyond its existing client base will continue on with this cycle.

(The Company and all outstanding equity, managing resources, leasehold, leasehold improvements like fixtures, furniture, equipment, goodwill, trade name, bids in progress, current work in progress, such as all of tangibles and intangibles are collectively being sold on an “as is where is” basis.)


Pump Manufacturer for Sale – Business Location:

Los Angeles, CA (Los Angeles County)

Seller Financing Available

Zip Code: 91747


Asking Price: $1,350,000

Cash Flow: $386,172

Gross Revenue: $1,224,043




Inventory: N/A

Lease Rate: $2,688 /SF/Month

Established: 2007


Business Description – (Pump Manufacturer for Sale)


  • The Company manufactures, installs and repairs quality pumps integral to engineered plumbing, HVAC, sewage and water systems or large, commercial construction projects.
  • On-site machine shop allows for the creation of parts plus the timely modification and repair of components.
  • Machine shop operations help customize pumps, make timely, efficient repairs and modifications and support the pipe fitting procedures.
  • Machine services, such as milling, turning and grinding are billed at $110 per hour.
  • Business would be ideal for contracting company familiar with plumbing but wanting to expand services to the hot industrial-sized project market.
  • Fleet of field service trucks and a savvy, sophisticated, highly skilled field workforce is capable of performing basic services & large project installations for the most demanding and discerning high-end commercial clientele they cater to!


Pump Manufacturer for Sale in California



Detailed Pump Manufacturer Business Information:

Detailed Information Real Estate: Leased Building SF: 4,800 Lease Expiration: 4/30/2022

  • Employees: 8 Facilities: 5,000 square foot hop that has all the equipment for full machining capabilities.
  • Competition: Niche player in a dynamic industry, continue the current growth trajectory these owners have set this company on. This business has a 7 figure gross revenue from the last 3 years. So, this business is very steady and consistent.
  • Growth & Expansion: Company has never advertised or employed inside or outside sales reps. Imagine if there was some actual business development or marketing??? No website. No CRM. Optimization play if there ever was one!
  • Financing: $700k Cash Down, $10,724.81 / Month for 70 Months!
  • Support & Training: 4 weeks 20 hours per week.
  • Reason for Selling: Focus on other unrelated family business.


Business Opportunities and Market Growth!

Sellers report minimal competition in the local industry which, is a huge business opportunity to expand territory growth and market reach!

In addition, this pump manufacturing business has never advertised nor employed any inside or outside sales representatives. Think of all the possibilities!

This leaves a huge untapped market for the new buyer! Sellers believes taking steps in this area of marketing, will only position the business and company for future success and growth!

This pump manufacturing company for sale, usually competes with large unionized companies that charge more and are thereby not difficult to outbid. The ability to assist in the engineering and troubleshooting process provides yet another competitive advantage.

This company’s reputation within the industry, is known for its ability to react quickly to emergencies, and its ability to provide a range of specialized services. These core business traits and values, help keep the competition at bay!

The Company’s Website has not been fully developed and is just a placeholder for the principles email.

Investing in bringing the site to life would support sales efforts and offer opportunities to show off the fine work the company does. By doing do, additional credibility is provided to the new sales team.

The development and implementation of a CRM system would enable ongoing follow up efforts and the deployment of marketing campaigns.


Pump Manufacturing Business


Industry Trends & Economy – (Pump Manufacturing Business)

The international marketplace for fluid handling pumps is forecast to grow more than 5 percent each year through 2018, reaching a value of $84 billion, according to the Freedonia Group.

Demand: Determined by industrial manufacturing need of efficient operations and technology experience.

Risk: Financial health effects manufacturing requirement.

Demand: Connected to building, repair, and renovation, which requires continuous volume to pay high fixed prices.

Risk: Building slumps and higher industry failure rate.

Trend: Modest Gains Expected in 2018 Construction Begins – US building begins, a requirement index for plumbing and HVAC contractors, are predicted to grow 3 percent in 2018 in comparison to 2017, based on Dodge Data & Analytics.


Pump Manufacturer for Sale in Los Angeles


Industry Trends in Construction?

Residential and nonresidential construction businesses are expected to rise 4 percent and 2%, respectively. This means, multi-family housing starts are not expected to fare as well. There is an expected 8 percent fall in this business category. This is because of the slowing of lease developments, and tighter bank lending regulations.
Anticipation of Small Gains:
  • its commercial (2 percent),
  • institutional (3 percent),
  • and public works building (3 percent) businesses in 2018.


Greater Technological Expertise Required – The increasing sophistication of HVAC and other utility programs is the next topic of discussion.
Notable Technological Group:
  • as computer chips,
  • sensors,
  • and control technologies.



Industry Business Technology

These technological advancements are being used longer, which require an increase in user experience and development. These advancement holds true with both setup and maintenance in the industry.

Also, keep in mind that larger businesses are in a better position to make industry impact and change, due to the level of sophistication access.

These improvements in technology are being brought by highly competent engineers. These engineers provide better technical instruction to their support technicians because of these advancements.

Care, Replacement Growing – Businesses and homeowners, looking for methods to reduce ongoing energy costs and enhance performance are purchasing newer, more efficient HVAC equipment.

In addition, stricter residential water heater efficiency criteria set by the US Department of Energy can also induce manufacturers to stop producing their least efficient versions.

These rules can create opportunities for builders as more people upgrade to more efficient water heating units.


Pump Manufacturer for Sale


Pump Manufacturer for Sale – Other Business Information:

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