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Packaging broker high earn 6-7 figure owner income

Salt Lake City, Utah

Asking Price: $900,000

Cash Flow $221,019

Gross Revenue: $1,311,194



Inventory: Per CIM

Established: 1990

Employees 3, all US based

Business Description

Our client is a packaging broker with low overhead and high earning potential. They help clients create and deliver the right packaging for their products, on time.

Our client’s company has the ability to make the owner a 6-7 figure income, plus allow the owner to have a life and do things outside of work. Our client has been in business for 30 years and has earned state and national awards for success, innovation, and creation.

Currently, our client has an additional $4.15MM worth of projects in the pipeline. They will get some to all of these. The resulting additional GP would range from $415k- $830K.

The Seller tells us, “We are problem solvers and team up customers with a good fit for our vendors. We do the financing and mark up the price from the vendor to the price to customers. All products are custom, and we pay the vendor for higher GP margins. For larger customers we have our vendors sign an NDA so they cannot go around us. We get new business from in-person sales calls and online marketing”. There are no finished goods inventory. Everything is make and ship. Shipping costs are either -0- cost, or a profit center. Our client drop ships from their vendor’s plant to the customer. They do not have any product shipped to their office.

When asked about the policies and procedures in place for customer service and to deal with problems, we were told, “Being a small business, I treat customers the way I want to be treated: fairly”.

The Seller says, “We have $4.15MM worth of projects in the pool. We will get some to all of these. The resulting additional GP would range from $415k- $830K”.

According to the Seller, “We were profitable our 1st year. In year 4 we met my 15-year goal in sales and profit. As a business owner, my personal income increased in very substantial ways compared to prior employment situations.

The Owner further explains that “All our work is custom, no in stock off the shelf anything. Every order is custom material, print, size, strength, etc. for each order. Our vendors make folding
carton and anything out of corrugated. We can have our co packers source ingredients for food grade powder and liquid project and pack items into bottles, jars, pouches, bags and assemble into secondary packaging for retail or wholesale. Last, put on pallets and ship. We average about 23% gross margin. Our GP ranges from about 14% to 45%. I would say this is higher than most others in the business.”

Our client’s company has no manufacturing facilities, 100% of the work is farmed out. They use mostly local vendors and sometimes some from out of state. Vendors are brought in into play in negotiations to help with challenging projects, as needed. If a new project has large potential, our client will search to find a new vendor that could produce optimally, if current vendors are not a good fit. To find the best quality products at the best prices our client will run tests with quoting, tour prospective vendor facilities, talk to vendor management and to prospective customers to determine if they could benefit APG.

Our client owns all websites etc. which they will transfer with all marketing and customer contacts in full to a buyer.

Our client’s “ready to go,” profitable business should enable a buyer to be up, running, and profitable virtually immediately.

NDA is required {SUBMIT BELOW} to receive comprehensive Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) crafted by ProNova Partners.

Detailed Information

Facilities: N/A

Growth & Expansion:

Our client tells us that “As far as the expected need for (our) products and services going into the future, the company evolves with the needs their market and their customers. Because of this flexible outlook, (we have) done many things that they did not plan to do to begin with. They started out just making folding cartons. Their customers asked the company to look at corrugated boxes, displays, litho laminates, co-packing, assembly, color powder for running events. Our client’s company adapts to the needs of the customers. As a result, there is no expiration date and there will always be a need for packaging.”


If the price and deal structure is right.

Support & Training:

As needed – specific terms for transition support can be negotiated. The Seller wishes to facilitate a successful and smooth transfer of the Business.

Reason for Selling:

Wishes to retire

Contact info

Pronova Partners

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