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Small Business Strategies in an Everchanging Market!

Small Business Strategies? – Everchanging Marketing Climate – Business Industry?

Marketing changes with the environment it is in.

As an example, before the days of social media, Facebook and the use of search engines for everything, communication was slow, and the way people communicated was different.

The entire life cycle of communication changed from the onset and transformation of online communication.

This only furthered with:
• mobile technology advancement,
• voice search, and
• mobile applications.


Small Business Strategies for Marketing

Now with these applications and devices, people have the freedom of search, from anywhere, and can receive instant communication.
So, in this example, the marketing climate for let’s say, Hard Copies of Yellow Books, was ripe.

Inside Marketing Ideas and Strategies

To fully understand the process of competitors inside knowledge, the first step is observation. This means finding your competitor and watching their movement.

Whether it be from:
• marketing in the field of industry,
• within the industry,
• from completely outside the entire realm.


Small Business Strategies


Small Business Observation?

Whichever the case, an observation, and marketing strategy analysis are, what is required, with tracking of course.

Because, testing is important to the advancement and understanding of each tool and strategy, or in some cases, discovering an entirely new one.
You could be fortunate enough to find a marketing strategy not commonly used in your industry, but highly effective.

You did some research, found what your target audience wants, and delivered it with exceeding expectations.

Now, you have a consistent flow of traffic, which translates to increased sales, and profit margins.

If you are a business owner or insurance agency owner, you want to make your phones ring, and your inbox flooded with online leads.


This is the bottom line:

• Service
• Brand
• Business
• Personal
• Product
• Image


If the above items are not being marketed to the right audience, then, no matter how amazing these items are, they will fail. This is because, they were not marketed properly, either through platform distribution or audience targeting and mapping.


Old School Meets New School – Traditional Ways integrated into New Ways

This is true with most things.

Let’s look at some of the traditional marketing efforts, some of which your competitors are already using. After we dive into this area of marketing, we will show you how to track these new marketing campaigns.

There are easy ways to simplify your tracking efforts.

They can all be mastered by setting up some vital alerts and trends, which will be dissected in our next series.


Increase Business and Industry Knowledge

So, let’s increase our common knowledge of marketing tactics.

If your competitors are not using a certain strategy, this may be an untapped treasure bank.
As a business owner, having the first choice or an edge on any marketing strategy is a very attractive notion.

This edge is compounded by having the uncommon knowledge and piggybacking your competitor’s marketing steps.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best marketing Ideas and tips on marketing your business or insurance agency.


Small Business Strategies la


Traditional Methods of Marketing – Business Owners & Insurance Agencies

At this point, you are informed that a wealth of information exists. This information there is just waiting to be tapped into.

You can use this information to your benefit.

So, gather all the useful resources and start using them to your advantage.


Niche Marketing

So, what exactly is niche marketing?

According to Business Directory, it means to concentrate all your marketing efforts on a specific, small segment of a population.

Keep in mind that niche markets are created through the identification of:

• Needs
• Wants
• Requirements



These are areas that are not being attended to or are being underserved by other corporations.
Therefore, they were created as a result.

You can use this as an opportunity for immediate growth. This is an untapped market in many industries.


Small Market, Large Returns – Niche Marketing

Niche markets, even though they may have a small portion of a population size, can offer you huge returns.
In some cases, this population is just waiting for a “new business or corporation contender” to fill that void in the marketplace.

It is these small pools of populations, that can increase your bottom line, in the fastest, and with the most consistent approach.

Just make sure to research your niche market before putting together a niche marketing campaign.

Strategize before you execute, to maximize your final results.


Insurance Niche Marketing – Commercial Trucking

An example of niche marketing in the insurance arena would be the transportation and trucking industry. This is an industry within an industry.

For example, not every insurance agent or broker can write these types of policies.

There are many specialty insurance programs that are in conjunction with this policy. This means niche markets can exist within niche markets.
For example, cargo insurance.


The Niche within a Niche – Isolated Marketing

Cargo insurance, for example, would be grouped under the trucking insurance umbrella, which is a niche market of property and casualty insurance.

So, you can see the layers of niche marketing within an industry.


Plan of Action – Niche Marketing

Make sure to write down what products and services your business offers. Review your most popular and bestselling items, services, and products, and write them down.

Then, go online, and start researching your products with others.

You may land on a great niche market by going online and finding others through your initial search.


More Marketing Tips

Having “other related search items” on search engines provides more ideas on niche marketing.

Go ahead and try it at home, at work or on your phone.

Google or use your preferred search engine.

Type in your product or service.

Have some fun, and type in the city you want your business to appear, right after your product or service. For example, business brokers in Los Angeles CA.

See what appears in search. You may see your competitors, and hopefully, your own business listed. If not, do not get disappointed. Look at this, as an opportunity for growth, because it really is.

Now that you do not see your company listing online, look at your competitions listings instead.

Let this be your starting point for the next process.


Small Business Strategies


Keyword Research in Marketing Online

Yes, there are many ways to do keyword research.

We will include more detailed information on this specific marketing process, in other articles.

However, for simplicity, just remember, sometimes using the more traditional approaches to keyword research, is the best formula.


Customer Role Play

Pretend you’re a buyer looking for your business or product, service.

• How would you search for your product?
• Would you type in “near me” or “around me” after your product description?
• What device would you use to start your search? Mobile or Desktop?
• Would you only search through directories, social media or 1st page Google?

This is a great starting point. It will help direct you in the right direction with your marketing efforts.


Micromarketing in Business Strategy

Niche Marketing, also referred to by micromarketing, means exactly what it sounds like.

The “micro” part of the word, might remind you of a microscope. The tool that amplified whatever you were viewing through the lens.

You might remember the frog dissection process back in high school.

The viewing process happened under the microscope.

Niche Marketing Your Business

After you have collected some of the products and services most prominent in your business profile, you’re ready for the next step.

This next step involves some time and energy. If you do not have either, after you understand this format, you can always outsource the work.

Just make sure before you outsource any work, rather it is an in-house transfer or to a 3rd party, make sure you have a clear understanding of its mechanics first.

This helps to reduce any issues right away. You will know if the work is being done, and done correctly.


Online Business Listings – Niche Marketing

Now that you have passed the 1st phase of niche marketing, the next journey begins.

This journey will involve the addition of your business to some of the most popular niche market websites.

This is a highly desirable activity, also known as backlinking.

It is where pages on your website are being built SEO optimized content. This optimized content is then published.

This newly published content then attracts new users and attention. This attention or web traffic will start to increase online activity to the website.

Other websites and sites, will start linking to this shareable content. It will increase in value and popularity, and more people will start to share.

This sharing activity will then lead to more links, link sharing, or backlink accumulation.


Online Business Link Building

This is part of the link building process; all websites look to acquire.

Therefore, it is said, that original, well-crafted content, is the best SEO ingredient for online success.

Give the people what they want, and in return, you receive positive feedback, through online coverage and link building shares.

It is the reciprocal way, of building an online business, through one link share at a time.


Find Small Business Opportunities


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