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Outside Screening Checklist for your Business?

Outside Screening Checklist for your Business?

Outside Screening Checklist – So, outside of screening, an implementation

checklist should be in position. Meaning, you will want to do periodical screenings.

Also, screenings with higher sensitive areas as well.

This means that even if an employee has passed the initial screening process,

a 12-month run later should be performed on the same individual to ensure consistency

and equilibrium among the workplace. This will also set the presence for potential candidates.


Outside Screening Checklist  – Access Control?

The next layer to security is the reduction or total elimination

of access control. It is where issues happen out of, that is access control.

For example, the possibility of vandalism, theft, arson or accidental loss

can be reduced by putting in place security measures. These measures are

selective and restrict the access to crucial warehousing, shipping, or office areas.

A recommendation to inspect all such areas and determine what steps can

be taken before any unauthorizes access is the first step in reducing or eliminating

these types of hazards. You may never be able to secure the main access control

point. It can be an impossible feat in some areas of operations. But, having some

plan in place, regardless of its size or level, is important. It lays the groundwork

for future security measures and keeps personnel on the same page.


Money and Securities for Your Business

The Financial Bind? – If you have a business operation, make sure that you are having

your deliveries and pickups conducted at different times and points in

the schedule. So, don’t have drop-offs on every 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10 am in the morning.

Very predictable, and very visible as a target.


Outside Screening Checklist


Outside Screening Business Checklist

Taking these precautions helps to reduce any memorization

of the pickup or drop-off schedule.

What is Driver Location and Security? – Also, driver collection for local delivery

should be restricted or eliminated altogether whenever possible,

for obvious reasons. This is because a driver is most vulnerable to theft or security issues.

The runs rather are deposits or safe protection, should be established during peak

shipping periods. The large crowds can be used as a source of protection.

Not in the form of body protection, but the in the form of the law of large numbers.

These hours, many eyes are out. Someone committing crimes on these types

of vehicles or any vehicles, do not normally do them during peak times.

This is because there are too many people who can be possible witnesses.


Employee Safety Recommendations to Protect your Business

As with most things in business, it is good to have the entire team involved when

a team presence is needed. In this example, it is the involvement in the action

of the safety plan. This will ensure everyone is on the same page on gameday.

So, having all the personnel involved on some level with the safety measures,

their safer measures or recommendations can take birth. Sometimes,

only those working on the frontlines can describe areas of improvement best.

They work these same lines day after day and are more willing to

open on new ways of improving their work days.


Making Improved Working Conditions?

Who does not want a better working environment? Most people would agree,

that improving their current working conditions is a top priority. This is because most

people spend most of their waking hours at work. They spend more hours at work than

they do on their home front. So, solutions to make the workplace

better is always an open topic of discussion.


Accident Review Committee?

Now that you have brought your team together on the safety front, let’s

look at the accident review committee. This is an important committee to

create within your organization. This employee committee is responsible to

review all the claims with injured employees. Then a reenactment of the accident

and a report to management of the cause of the accident would be performed.

The report should also include any recommendations for preventing similar

accidents in the future. This means it’s a proactive approach to taking safety

recommendations in place.

This example is just to circle the employee involvement with this subject.


Check Previous WC Claims – Outside Screening Checklist

What’s workers compensation? If you have employees and are a business owner,

then more than likely you have a good understanding of what it is.

The standard worker’s compensation policy will only apply for states that

are specified in the policy declarations. For example, California Workers

Compensation is different than Texas Workers Compensation. You can

find these in section 3A in your policy sheets. Just remember, that other states will

have different wording. This means that the wording is customarily

added to cover all other states not listed in the policy. This is where the incidental

operations may be conducted in. This C&H endorsement can be added

to the basic worker’s compensation policy to cover these employees.

This coverage is while they are working on:

  • piers,
  • docks,
  • terminals
  • or other areas covered under this act.


Blanket Policy of Responsibility – Workers Compensation

This would be an important role for the trucking company who employs personnel

that may occasionally be hauling or working in these states.

It is like a blanket of protection. What is interesting to note however is,

that other states wording has traditionally been written to exclude monopolistic states.

This will typically include reciprocal laws. These laws will have been relied upon to

provide coverage for employees while located in such states. This is obviously different

than a plumbing business.


Tracking Difficulties Outside Screening?

The problem with this approach is, that it can be extremely difficult

to keep track of. This is because these monopolistic states maintain agreements.

Especially, for companies that conduct national levels basis of a business.

So, a better solution would do reduce the number of possibilities of uninsured loss.

This is to write the other sates wording provision to include coverage for monopolistic states.


Transit Transportation

Also, transit companies may engage in work where employees may

be covered under the United States Longshore and Harbor Workers Act.

A common example might involve drivers who haul to or from a harbor or port terminal.

A special USL Depending on the state you live in, you will want to make an inquiry

to your state workers compensation commission for past claims history.

Do this on all appropriate prospective employees. This will provide a

clear past track history on all potential prospects. It will show if a colorful

workers compensation history is present. This can save any potential employers

from choosing a candidate that could possibly create an

unstable financial platform in the future.


Outside Screening Checklist


Housekeeping your Business Checklist

When mom told you to clean your room, it might be the best suggestion

you got growing up. This is because, having that standard of tidiness

can apply to your work performance, and added for future success.

For example, keeping aisles and floors cleaned on a regular basis, as

mom would like, can help reduce slips and falls. This is music to the

ears of business owners. This is because the spillage of oils and chemicals

or other materials can happen. So, the normal maintenance of the

floors for spillage can help reduce any employee or public falls.

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