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How to Process New Currency Technology?

How to Process New Currency Technology?

New Currency Technology? –

Application Process of Blockchain Technology!

You may have asked yourself why you should know this new currency trade, and

it is a great question. The application process of Blockchain Technology is one that

needs to be looked at in closer examination. This is because of its

unfamiliar nature and background, and this study has different

areas of progression that need to be addressed.


Purpose of New Currency Technology?

To start, we start with the question, “What’s the purpose of exploring

this topic of discussion in the first place?” This is because this new

type of technology has revolutionized the industry of currency exchange.

To have a system of digital information, without the

understanding to work it becomes confusing.


Coding Technology?

Coding Example of Confusion: It is computationally infeasible to find

two or more inputs that 366 produce the same output.

Case Example:

  • 367 with an output size of 256 bits (SHA-256).

Many computers support this algorithm in hardware, 369.


Technology Expansion in Business?

So, to reduce any confusion of the development of blockchain,

the application process will be put under focus. This will ensure

a better understanding of what blockchain technology really does.

For example, understanding the computer science mechanisms, that link

and distributed on a network, such as cryptographic.


What is Cryptographic?

According to Wikipedia,  it is the underlying

or hidden practice of study and techniques.

These practices were to ensure for

a secure communication transmission,

no matter what external or internal forces were present.

For example, in this case, any third parties, which are also known

as adversaries. This piece of knowledge is the reason for the

use of secret or hidden information for transmission.


Further case example: –

Primitives (hashing, digital signatures, public/private keys) mixed with financial concepts (such as 354).


Application of Cryptography?

This process of cryptography is to construct and analyze

computer protocols. These protocols are in place for the

prevention of third parties or public readings.

Other areas of security involved the following

communication methods, such as:

  • Information security 
  • Confidentiality information 
  • Data Integrity 
  • Authentication 
  • Reading of Private messages 
  • Non-repudiations


Central Technological Themes

These are all centralized themes, in the study of cryptography or cryptology.

The modern approach of cryptography, was known as known as the encryption process

. This information conversation came from a readable state to

that of nonsense. So, the originator of the encrypted message had to

share the decoding technique to uncover the original message or

information intended for recipients. In doing so, this process would

secure outside parties from receiving unwanted personal



Case Study in Technology?

This type of study was successfully integrated into other disciplines within the field.

Some of these areas included:

  • Study of mathematics 
  • Computer science 
  • Communication science 
  • Electrical engineering 
  • Physics


Currency Component?

An important component of the blockchain technology

is the use of cryptographic hash functions 357.

So, as you can see, this new type of technology has entered other areas of

academia and information sources. This helps to pave a broader spectrum

for this new technology since it is not limited to one

area of study, research or practice. Having this cross integration

into other areas of study, help to further its overall advancement.


Administration Applications of Cryptophytic?

All these applications of cryptophytic, include other components that need

to be addressed. This will help provide an overview of inherent technology

and technology that has already hit the online marketplace of users.

This is because there are certain levels of usage from each below

group depending on the recipient. For example, if the channel of

communication and operations involved that of the U.S. Military,

then a government channel of secured communication

and distribution of information is needed.


Online Resources and Reference:
Bashir, Imran (2017). Mastering Blockchain. Packt Publishing, Ltd. ISBN 978-1-78712-5445. OCLC 967373845.Crosby, Michael; Nachiappan; Pattanayak, Pradhan; Verma, Sanjeev; Kalyanaraman, Vignesh (16 October 2015).
BlockChain Technology: Beyond Bitcoin (PDF) (Report).

New Currency Technology


Sutardja Center for some of these include:

  • E-commerce
  • Chip-based payment cards 
  • Digital currencies 
  • Computer passwords 
  • Military communications


Modern Cryptography

In modern cryptography, it is mainly based on the mathematical

approach and theory for computer science and practice.

This is because cryptography has algorithms that are based

inside for computational hardness assumptions. This type

of algorithm makes the process of breaking it in any method extremely difficult.

algorithms are designed to be one-way.

(known as being preimage resistant): it is computationally 362.


Theory in Reality?

So, in theory, it is possible to break this system. However, it is impossible

to do so by any other practical or known means. This is because the

schemes are secured under the term, computational securement.

This ensures improvements to the algorithm itself and

for faster computer technology and solutions.

(Table 1: Examples of Inputs and SHA-256 Digest Values 376)


Concluding Thoughts: Technology Outlook?

This can help solve other problems faster with this advancement,

reducing other areas of workload. These areas of discussion are

grounded in the theoretical approach and

not the practical application approach.

computer science mechanisms.

(linked lists, distributed networking) as well as cryptographic 353.


Practical versus Actual Application

This is a big difference since theory and

practicality do not always align in actual numbers.

Also, due to the comparison difference, these computational schemes are more

difficult to implement than the unbreakable theory for computational

secure mechanisms. The interest and growth of cryptographic

technology have been rising in numbers.


Legality of New Technology?

However, with this the rise in numbers, also increase

the legal issues surrounding this information age of technology.


Case Example:

This is because cryptography has the possibility to be used for ill will such as:

  • Espionage 
  • Sedition

Source Information:-
(Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 180-4 [4]. The NIST Secure Hashing website [5] 374).


Business Opportunities in Technology! –

If you are looking to seize on the opportunity of new technology in businesses

to buy or build, look no further. Many listings in this arena are up for grabs and

can be turned into money-making machines, which most investors or

business owners desire. So, no matter what stage of business development your

in, there are always new business models and ways of doing business.

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