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Medical Technology? – The Future of HealthCare!

Medical Technology? – The Future of HealthCare!

Medical Technology? –

The Future of HealthCare! – Freedom and Technology Advancements? –

This is a great topic of discussion since technology has affected many if not all industries,

including the health care industry. Medical technology has been introduced on

the medical platform that can assist in the advancment of improved services

and patient outcome. These new technologies are sometimes introduced in

different channels, such as software or an application.


Medical Technology –

(The Application Advancement?)

What are medical applications in the healthcare industry anyhow?

This is answered through the observation of certain application systems.

This examination is provided through a certain application of augmenting reality.

This technology has benefited both patients and physicians in

this equation. How is this possible?


Specialized Medical Technology?

This technology has also helped to liberate patients

who seek specialized care. How is this possible you ask? Mobility and having remote

medical access is one area this technology has created freedom for patients.

This is because no matter how far a patient

is from their physician or attending medical staff,

in this case, they would be only a click away from communication.

This means that the patient, can monitor their health performance

from afar, which means, without having to drive or commute

to a healthcare facility or hospital. This allows for a consistent

approach to monitoring patients health and medical updates.


Life Monitoring Medical Technology?

With the advent of new medical applications and equipment, patients and

the medical field can treat more patients with more accuracy.

This is helpful if a patient does require constant medical attention.

For example, having a major medical diagnosis would require that consistent

medical measures are given. In some cases, these medical procedures or

life-saving techniques can be performed from a distance.


TeleHealth: Medical Advancements in Technology?

If you are looking for empirical proof of some of this medical technology, then

look no further than a company called, Tele Health.

What is Tele Health, and how do they help the medical profession as a whole?

Great question! So, TeleHealth exists in many ways, to connect patients to health reports

and communications.


Virtual Reality in Medical Technology?

This is to encourage patients to use virtual reality

technology for the monitoring of their health. This leads to more user confidence

in technology since every device has a learning curve to it.

You might have already experienced this type of medical technology.

It can come in the form of a patient portal that patients can directly communicate

and log in to review their medical status.

Other activities and requests from these type of portals, can also be performed.

It serves as a bridge between medical staff and professionals to that of patients.


The Medical Process System?

This process of integrating Telehealth in American Clinics is already prevalent.

Just look at the Virtual Care Clinic System.

This is the center from USC that is for the study of Body Computing.

This new advancement in the medical industry is making reality

more user friendly and feasible. This was further advanced using

patient to physician mobile use of technology. The convenience of having

such a mobile and portable form of communication, has only led for more

development in this innovative arena of technology. This program was spearhead

by Dr. Leslie Saxon. In this program, it allowed for patients to receive medical

care directly from their portable smart and very mobile phones.

This study reported that patients were comfortable

and felt to some degree, trust in this program.


Interactive Virtual Reality Exposure?

Now, that we have progressed into the user comfort levels

of using this new technology, let’s look at an actual clinic

with advanced medical technology. Physicians can now

use virtual reality as a tool to help patients

suffering from PTSD and anxiety disorders.

The process of Medical Technology

This is accomplished through the confrontation

of psychological inhibitions. This is huge because tracking of these

types of medical conditions can also serve as behavior studies for future

medical advancements.


Case Example?

This can be seen with the company, Bravemind.

This clinical and interactive therapy tool, has helped to configure reenactments of trauma,

a person or patient might have faced or suffered through.

These reenactments help to recreate the experience, to

deal with the underlying core issue. This technology breaks

through the surface of the patient and digs deeper into the

mind and soul. This can illicit old or unremembered thoughts

and memories. Once brought to the surface, can be addressed

for the real substance and validity it holds, and not just justifiable

conscious remarks, manufactured by the mind and ego.


New Technological Components?

With this new technology, no filter exists. What does that

exactly mean, however? This means that everything is

released clearing the way for new advancements or procedures.

Healing or releasement of emotions is one form of medical improvement and

advancement. This is because emotional healing is a source of patient happiness

and recovery.


Medical Technology


Emotional Recovery?

How can emotions be released to start the healing process?

First off, emotional healing comes from this form of exercise,

which was invoked through the virtual reality

tool as described earlier. This is because when

people can reimmerse themselves in past pivotal events,

and identify them to corresponding emotions,

healing of the mind, body, and soul are limitless.


Concluding Thoughts on Medical Technology?

Now, that we have shown how virtual reality and other new technologies

in the medical profession have helped to shape new advances in the

quality of life you can see how the business of medicine is being built for

future advancements. Medical technology is a critical component of a successful

industry. This is because many advancements in this area, have also improved for the formation

of a more efficient and accurate medical experience for both patients and

physicians. New improvements in this field have also assisted with helping more

patients with better service. This is because as we have stated, accuracy and consistency in the

technology can help save lives. This is through the advanced measures of tracking and

being proactive with patients health and health risks. A great business and industry

to target for future opportunities.

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