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Software Business for Sale – Southboro, MA


Software Business for Sale in Southboro, MA? – Yes, this Vacation Rental Marketing Distribution Software Platform has 200k Revenue.

This marketing distribution platform (channel manager) allows vacation rental companies to login to the site, use the dashboard to list manually or import from file multiple vacation rental properties, and have it published to all the major portals such as Airbnb,, Tripadvisor, and Homeaway, all from one place!


Business Overview:

  • Bookings, rates, calendar is managed in one place.
  • Company is well positioned for growth, but needs more working capital to reach its potential.
  • The platform was built using cloud-based technology and has been improving every year.
  •  The only expenses are the image server and Amazon hosting – totaling $400 per month.
  •  Competition exists, but there aren’t many companies that do this.
  •  The primary competitive advantages to this business is the traction they’ve gotten with several vacation rental agencies – the largest being Interhome in Europe, who manages over 30,000 vacation units.
  •  iBookingnet takes a fee of 2%-10% of the entire booking, depending on the customer and timing.
  • The other major advantage is the company has preferred membership with, which took a full two years to achieve and required passing many compliance requirements.
  • has closed preferred membership down, so it is no longer open to the public which presents a nice advantage.
  •  Preferred membership with allows iBookingnet to access’s content API, so users can easily and quickly publish listings on the largest vacation rental site in the US.
  • The company currently lists 1,000 properties on it’s portal, but can easily add up to 10,000 more.
  •  The business is scalable and only limited by working capital.




Software Business for Sale - Southboro, MA


Other Information

Important note: Interhome, iBookingnet’s largest customer, has a large number of bookings available, but requires cash payment upon booking.

This means that a customer can book a European vacation rental, iBookingnet would have to send payment to Interhome immediately, then would collect the funds when the customer pays upon check-in/check-out.

This is the reason working capital is a large impediment to the growth of the business as the owner simply doesn’t have the ability to pay for many bookings before collecting.

However, these bookings can be very profitable as oftentimes can collect upwards of 10% in fees on them. An individual or company with enough financing could do extremely well as these opportunities are plentiful for  Second important note:

This company is rolled into the seller’s other larger software development business, so the tax returns might be confusing. The solution to this, is to allow access to the company’s accounts with, Airbnb, etc in order to verify all numbers and claims.

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