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Beekeeping Device Manufacturer – Wholesale – Hobbyist Biz

Business Overview:

This lifestyle business opportunity offers multiple revenue streams associated with it, and significant intellectual property in terms of the designs of the device that is best in class and destroys all cheaply made overseas copycat crap.

  • Has an obscenely low return/failure rate
  • has significant QC protocols throughout the manufacturing process to assure only top-notch products are sold to the retail customer or through the wholesale supply chain.
  • The small workshop area is all you need to manufacture the product.
  • Seller presently occupies about 2,000 square feet devoted to the manufacturing side, and the other half of the business is for sale for $75,000.00 if you want to scoop up the small public facing retail side of things.

Other Information

Majority of sales of the manufactured device are via wholesale. It does tend to slow down in Winter and then pick back up in Spring.

NDA is required for full package on file with ProNova Partners.

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