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Integrated Graphic Communications Provider – 18.5% Net Margins in 2017!

Business Overview:

  • 1H 2017 Gross Revenue: 10,693,800
  • 1H 2017 Adjusted EBITDA: $1,854,765 (18.5%!)

ALL OFFERS CONSIDERED! – We are open to creative proposals!!

The Company is the Michael Clayton for their clients – they are a catch-all / do all – for their clients in an intelligent way through systems and processes.

The customized solutions they provide their diverse client base has fostered deep expertise of their clients’ operations and expanded their product offerings to serve other potential future customers.

The roster of services includes:

  • Store Front online ordering
  • Fulfillment and storage
  • Large format
  • Customized intelligent workflows through software
  • Promotional products
  • Oversize HP digital variable presswork
  • Digital variable marking machines
  • The savvy R&D team focusing on customizing solutions to increase productivity & ensure reliable/measurable quality.
  • Internal organic vertical SEO marketing arm.


Other Information

The whole enterprise runs on EFI Pace & they are consistently improving the implementation across the organization from the management level on down to the floor level.

They handle large jobs for enterprise clients and smaller one-off jobs so long as they meet their minimum revenue and GP thresholds; even the smallest of job inquiries are farmed for their full potential though.

With robust Hubspot and Google expertise and a laser-focus on data and advanced analytics, every NEW opportunity is deemed one which can is placed into a nurture or drip marketing campaign to help stimulate sales, regardless of the short-term fit of the one-off request.

By simplifying tools, automation, and organic visibility the company has seen a tremendous amount of short-term growth within inbound leads, quarterly sales, and conversion of new business accounts.

Ultimately though, the client is a full-service logistics company!

They take their clients’ chaos and graphics communications issues, and they streamline them and stabilize and they deliver exceptional results.

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Pronova Partners

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