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Leading Enterprise Blockchain & 5 Apps, Programmable

London, England {relocatable worldwide}

Asking Price: Competitive Auction Format

Gross Revenue: Pre-Revenue.

Established: 2018

Employees: Owners/employees 2; 6-8 subcontractors

Business Description

Our client is an Enterprise Blockchain Company founded in 2018 by two blockchain entrepreneurs (combined blockchain experience of 10 years) and an Internet Veteran with over 40 years of networking experience.

Their Intellectual Property consists of the following:

* Leading performance Enterprise Private Blockchain running over an alternative Internet Protocol.

* This is the only enterprise blockchain in existence with its own custom Network Layer, providing numerous innovative benefits (most notably regarding security and scalability).

* 5 proprietary applications built on their blockchain: Supply Chain Tracking, Voting/Governance, Marketplace, Watermarking & Tokenization. Due to the flexibility and ease of use of this platform (API based), their blockchain software is not in any way limited to these existing applications.

Integrating and building on their blockchain is as easy as developing a web based application, due to the feature rich set of APIs available. APIs allow for Blockchain Applications built on their platform to be written in any language, allowing easy integration, a flexible developer experience, reduced development costs, and a general lowering of the barriers to entry for blockchain technology. The APIs are HTTP based and accept JSON or form encoding, allowing for easy integration and interoperability with existing systems. Finally, the APIs abstract the complexity of the blockchain, allowing developers to build applications in their language of choice. This is in direct contrast to other blockchains which require the hiring of highly specialized blockchain developers to build applications using a specific smart contract
coding language (e.g. Ethereum’s Solidity).

Furthermore, our client’s software has the following additional unique selling points differentiating it from other enterprise blockchains:

Performance: Their blockchain outperforms other well-known enterprise blockchain solutions in terms of scalability and transactions per second (TPS) capabilities. E.g. Thousands of TPS, compared to JP Morgan’s (Consensys) Quorum 173 TPS and Ethereum’s 15.

Security: Security has been the main priority since inception – the integration of quantum resistant key cryptography has resulted in the most secure blockchain product suite on the market. This feature has attracted interest from government contractors and manufacturers of classified goods given the paramount importance for data privacy and security in these areas.

Layered: Innovations spanning all layers of the Software Stack, from the Application Layer down to the Network Layer (responsible for the end-to-end communication between nodes). Each layer is assigned a role for providing a specific function, allowing the processing to be split up across multiple types of nodes allowing large workloads to be processed in parallel. The only blockchain with 4 core layers (Application, Blockchain, Database, Network).

In addition to their market leading technology, our client has an existing US based licensing contract which is forecast to generate millions of dollars in annual revenue by 2022, for a minimum period of 7 years.

The company is pre-revenue, and is being sold in full.

Detailed Information

Facilities: N/A

Competition: TBP in Confidential Information Memo

Growth & Expansion: TBP in Confidential Information Memo

Support & Training: As needed

Reason for Selling: Expansion capital needed.

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Pronova Partners

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