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Business Marketing Tools? – Improve Business Interworking for 2018!

Business Marketing Tools? – Improve Business Interworking for 2018!

Improved Business Interworkings? This can be accomplished through business marketing tools that may already be at your disposable. This means, you can find vital information about your business operation, right now, to increase your bottom line!

This can come in the form of constructive feedback for example. If you are a local insurance agency, this constructive feedback can also be used to help in other areas within the company or agency itself.

For example, if many poor reviews are given on a local insurance agency for not returning calls and emails, then you have valuable information, if it is indeed true of your operation.

If after review, you do find your business operation to have these areas of weakness, use this to information to improve future circumstances, and customer experiences.

For example, you may also find that you lack certain key departments within your agency or organization. You may need a quality check or underwriting department of your very own, to provide that extra layer of security.

This improvement not only effects future experience levels, but it also, helps to reduce future exposure and business liability.


Business Marketing Tip – Internal Management System

The next tip is right inside your agency book or business brokerage book, or management system where you keep all your clients.
This is such a valuable resource to use, since you already have direct access to it.

All that is truly needed, is, have an excel sheet print out of all the call backs you want for the day, but now, there are management systems that do this work for agents and brokers.

This customer service management data base holds a wealth of information, such as contact name, phone number and current policy status.

Many agents and brokers already work this book, knowing how important it’s function is, when it comes to retaining business.


Building Business Relationships – Customer Satisfaction

Existing customers for the most part, want that constant reminder of when their next auto insurance payment is due. Or, when their policy comes to renew, or coverage or endorsement questions in relation to recent changes.

As you can see, there can be many reasons to contact your current client base, if you are on the insurance end.


payment reminders,
• policy renewals or
• crossing selling opportunities, are all examples of them.


Business Marketing orange county

Business Marketing Tip – TV or Radio Interview

Another great marketing tool for your business development is conducting interviews with industry leaders. For example, if you are in the commercial insurance industry, seek out industry leaders.

They have clout and recognition in both the industry of your market, and medium channel. This type of contact, could push your business brand and message in the frontlines of your marketing pool.

In this example, this pool would be truckers, or people or companies who have some affiliation to the industry.


Message Materialize – Communication and Industry Marketing

These interviews, whether TV, Radio or Podcast, have an established audience pool. This pool is within your own niche group.

Having this type of public exposure, within your own target group, can increase and strengthen your business brand identity, at rapid speed. In addition, this media channel, in most cases, is recorded.

This means, you can use this finish marketing product, with permission, for future use.


Business Cross Marketing and Integration?

You have the finished product in your possession, now what? It can be integrated into your website for starters. This will only enhance your current business profile and domain.

It can be added to a company page profile created on your website. This page, can profile all your recent and local events. This community participation can then be distributed through other media channels.


Social Distribution for Business Marketing

This type of information, is also very popular to share on social media platforms, such as Facebook and YouTube, as example.

This social media distribution, can then increase more visibility, and traffic to your website indirectly and directly. Indirectly, this will help in the search engines and with your current website and keyword ranks.

This process can get you even more business exposure.


Implementation of Powerful Marketing Strategy

So, you can see how powerful this strategy can be, if properly strategized and orchestrated. For example, you can use the film or audio clip recorded from your radio or television experience, for future marketing, if approved of course.

For example, let’s say an insurance interview was conducted with a large trucking firm.  This large trucking firm, is host to a radio show platform.

This platform is where a large group of truckers meet each radio showing for news and current industry trends. This audience would be very valuable, if your insurance agency specialized in commercial trucking and transportation.

This would give you an audience pool that is already filtered and ready to hear what you have to say.


Referral Marketing Program

Once you start working the agency book, you can create a referral marketing program. This happens when your current customer base starts sending new customers to your agency.

These are the best business transactions. The new person being referred over, already has more trust then a completely new lead. This referral program can be a great search engine tool for your online marketing arsenal.

The incentives are up to your disclosure, but if you are rewarding good behavior that you want repeated, nice, not cheap gifts work well. The referral program is also a great way to branch into another marketing plan which, can increase production and premium dollars for the agency.


Cross Marketing Techniques

Cross marketing, is another great way to increase your existing agency book, and why not? This process, only increases your bottom line as a business owner, and generates more sales without additional out of pocket expenses. This is a great business balance if you ask most.

For example, if you have an existing personal lines insurance book, you can create an active call list for upcoming payment reminders or policy notices. This contact connection is an opportunity for a potential conversation of other insurance products and coverage.

This discussion now opens, to a potential future or present, opportunity sale. The trust factor has already been established in these type relationships.

It is basically, walking the existing client, through the added benefits of additional product coverage or insurance protection.


Cross Marketing Integration

A great way to promote your other insurance products and services, is, by having it listed on the hold music option, when callers, call in. This hold message, would provide notice of insurance products and services, and other agency messages it wants to pass on the callers on the other end.

Once the agent or broker returns to the customer, a new conversation may transpire. It could be brought on, by the new information learned on the hold announcement.

This is one way, you can integrate this cross-marketing function with today’s technology.


Email Marketing Techniques

Another method of cross marketing implementation is through email signatures or email footer notes.

We have all seen them, emails, with:

• Quotes
• Prayers
• Motivations
Business marketing
• Title and business positions, and more!



Business Marketing tips


Email – Cross Marketing

However, if you are looking to maximize your sales efforts, then you can include other products that are offered within the agency. For example, include both personal and commercial lines, if your agency offers both.

This is a great way to capture both areas of an insureds life, on paper for an increased agency business profile.

It shows and reads well, for future agency sells or buys.


Business Cards – They Still Work?

Of course, they still work!

Business cards now come in many:

• shapes,
• sizes,
• colors,
• designs, images and so forth.
• Texture
• Flexibility and durability levels
• Transparency levels


However, the most important item to remember, is the content that is filled on this business card. Use this space to your advantage, and not just to list your basic contact information.

Give them something more, let the public or your niche market, know exactly all that you do.

If you sell both personal and commercial lines, but also offer life insurance and investment and retirement, put that on your business card.
Let your business card cross market for you.


Policy Communication and Agency Documents – Cross Marketing Opportunities?

Yes, this is a great example of integrating your cross-marketing campaign into every area of your business. The best approach, is to examine all the contact points your customer base has with your business and its operation.

Then, if possible, go through each stage and platform your customer is experiencing interacting with your business. If you find that e-mail communication is a form of customer engagement and interaction, then write it down.

Come back to this area, and implement some form of cross marketing campaign, whether it consist of images of other products, or just the written text.


Agency Documentation – Cross Market Potential?

Yes, this is also true, with this process of customer interaction and communication. If most of your agency communication is provided on an electronic basis, through a management system, this is not a problem.

This could work in your favor, and we will show you why. First, you can insert your agency profile and contact information in the actual system itself, usually through the agency portal, under some settings or administration tab.

Also, there are areas where you can include your agency’s tag line, and mission statement.

• This will be saved, and implemented on all future>
• letter heads,
• policy documents and
• any other agency communication form.



Business Marketing los angeles


Agency Implementation of Marketing Ideas?

At this point, you are well informed of all the information available to you. This information can be found on your business as well as your competitors.

This knowledge, can be useful, if applied in the appropriate agency marketing strategies. If your competitor is using successful marketing strategies, use this information to your advantage.

It’s called the piggy back method. You ride the wave of traffic that is already built on an existing platform to a sales funnel. This happens quite frequently, intentionally and not.


Business Sound Strategic Moves and Decisions

Now, that you have a good starting point, with practical marketing techniques, you’re ready for decision time. Let’s look at how they can be incorporated into your advertisement and marketing budget, for your agency.

This examination of the implementation process, can help adjust your marketing efforts to more successful decisions. You can find your competitors’ gaps, and go after that untapped market.

This could bring in a flood of fresh new leads and opportunities.


Maximize Results Across the Organization

To maximize your competitor’s intelligence, make sure this information is shared across the company, or agency, when collected and analyzed. This will help improve the information channel, and flow of communication.

It will also provide insight into your competitor’s positing, growth and change in the marketplace.


Flow Pattern – Company Boundaries

Every organization or agency, for the most part, have a flow chart of how and where it flows in. The directional path of communication, starts at the executive team management level.

The executive team, can help direct the information flow, in a dynamic marketplace. This is to ensure that communication is properly channeled, in an organized fashion and manner.

The next level of communication would be transferred to the product team for development and study.


Product Team – Competitor Analysis

This is where the details of the competitor’s product and features are examined and studied. The product research help examines the pitfalls and successes of the product in the eyes of its customers.


Business Marketing


Sales Team – Distribution of Product

This is a team, ready and armed, with a strategic position of skills, to win every deal. To be successful in competitive situations, the sales representatives, needs to have timely updates on new offers, and products.

Also, having a high level of positioning and benefits is a must. It helps set up future sales.


Service Team – Intelligence Business Overview

The service team can also benefit from competitor’s intelligence and implementation. So, sharing competitive intelligence to your team can help on many fronts in your business arena.

This message is reinforced with strategic messaging, across many customer touch points. This is to help provide an excellent customer experience, while exceeding their expectations.

Therefore, it is helpful to understand past customer experiences. You can look no farther than your competitor’s prior customer relationships. This will provide better insight, on the customer marketplace.



Marketing Team – Competitor Analysis

The marketing team is a key audience for competitive intelligence. This is because, there are endless applications involve in this analysis, and process.

Some of these applications include:

• Ad campaigns
• Product positioning
• Landing page tests
• PR Media Targeting



Business Marketing california


Make sure this information is shared across the team. This will help the marketing efforts. This information can benefit, through inspirational insights, that come from competitive intelligence.

With each of these areas of the business operation, competitive intelligence, will help best position your company or local insurance agency, to win. Winning is possible, even in the shakiest of times.

Even during possible unsure markets, you can position your business to win, with these tactics. This is because your competitor’s intelligence, has already isolated and exposed, all the flaws of your competition.

You will not make the same mistakes as they did. This is because, you had an opportunity to learn this from prior experience or memory.


Find Business Opportunities! 


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