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Building a Business Online? – (Business Broker Tips)

Building a Business Online? – (Business Broker Tips)


Grass Root Approach to Marketing Online? Great business strategy for maximizing community growth. This grass root approach of building a business online, allows for an even level playing field.

This is because, anyone with the right knowledge, or access to industry knowledge, can compete with all types and sizes of players, all on the same digital platform.

Talk about freedom to play.

This allows for a more open market approach to marketing online and why the SEO rank factor has taken notice and popularity.

Therefore, ranking in search engines has been a new marketing strategy, and developed into a new business entirely, for all industry types of businesses and agencies.


SEO marketing, has been a major marketing component in the following industries:

Property and Casualty Insurance
• Technology
• Workers Compensation
• Heath and Medical Insurance
Business Brokerages

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Multiple Platforms of Business Marketing

Now, that you have all your content and material ready, your next step in the process awaits you.

This would be the posting to multiple platform stage. This is where your content, created prior to this stage, is posted to multiple platforms.

These platforms can have a social medial or academic approach to publishing, so, always make sure guidelines are always followed for each individual use.

Through this process, you can have these multiple platform postings work for you and your business.

This posting will help to increase further business brand recognition, and business exposure.

This translates into increase online exposure, which can translate into possible online content conversions.


You can have this optimized convertible content, or information, published to the following channels.

• Blog Posts
• Pages
• Social Media Channels
Feeders, RSS

Business Agency Marketing Online

The first step in marketing your business online is through a functional website. Functional, meaning that all the internal components and infrastructure are sound.

So, what does all this mean? It means, there is more behind the scenes to just having a website.

Yes, a website is the face of the business, that would be considered your home page of your website. A home page, is the main page of your website, where most of your traffic and online and phone leads takes place.


Business Home Page – Home Start?

The most important page on your website, for sure. It is where your main URL for your domain will sit, and link juice is flowed to, when linked to your main URL.

Of course, there are other technical factors to this process, as with most of the process of building and setting up a proper website. This includes both onsite and offsite SEO marketing strategies.

This is just a snap shot to show you how much other information is entailed in the process of building a business or insurance website.


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Business Knowledge Based Marketing

Like we discussed earlier, this is the knowledge part of the online marketing strategy plan. If you lack the knowledge, but have the resources or time, to get this part of your building stage completed, do it.

This is the foundational stage of online business building. It starts with the framework for your marketing efforts. As we mentioned, this framework is where your main keywords will be present, so, make sure you set this up right.


Business Outsource – Marketing Knowledge?

If you are in a position, where you can outsource this work, do it. The learning curve can be long, and tedious. In some cases, people or business owners, give up entirely, and way too soon.

Unfortunately, this process takes a clear vision, a great strategy, well researched and engaging content, and a marketing strategy to implement.

Do not forget consistency of work, keeping up to date with industry changes, algorithm changes, technical innovations and evolutions and varying platforms and portals.

Not to mention all the tracking and testing that goes into these type projects. The hours can be countless, and most business owners do not have these additional hours to just learn the material.


Business Insurance Profits Now!

Insurance Agency Owners and business owners, need their phones to ring now, not in 9 months, or a year from now. Therefore, many people are discouraged from using SEO in the insurance industry for example.

They also believe, it will take months or years to start seeing any return on their investment. Many insurance agencies, according to Insurance Journal, are falling behind in the online website conversion race.

Meaning, there are still many local insurance agencies and brokers, that still have not made the online digital transition.
This only amounts to loss profits, from both prospective clients and existing insureds.

business broker locations in ca

Other Business Dilemmas?

Users expectations, of online services, has change the way businesses do business. Change has affected many different areas of the business transaction.

Speed and efficiency is a must. Even having a second off the recommended 2.5 or under, page load speed, is huge when discussing loss profits. This is because, each second may cost you a lead. People are not going to sit around, waiting for a page to load.

The patience gap grows only larger with mobile technology. This service requires even faster response time, or forget about lead conversions entirely.
This area should have been corrected already by the webmaster.

If you are going to play in the professionals, make sure your equipment can perform and measure with these top contenders.


Additional Dilemmas

Time, speed and efficiency are just a few components to this marketing online relationship. There are more, and require further instruction.

It is important to note, however, that there are additional endeavors and hiccups that you may face with this process.


Some of these points are as followed:

• industry trends,
• product changes,
• service changes,
• learning curve,
• software development,
• online tools and applications,


Developmental Business Stage

So, as you can see, there are many developmental stages to building a website.  We touched on a few, but as you know, many, many more do exist.

As you can see, it is no surprise, why so many insurance agencies give up entirely, or unfortunately, find unhelpful advice, that leads to unsuccessful results.


Successful Campaigns – Consistency and Not Giving Up!

This is a shame however, because, many times, a little work on the backend, and another set of eyes is all you need. Successful campaigns both digital and non-digital, can establish an online presence due to this outside perspective and help.It happens all the time.

A company that is not doing well, on all levels, from employee dissatisfaction to actual profit lost, gets taken over, and is turned around. Not just around, because, in some cases, these business acquisitions, make for a huge splash!



business broker locations in california



New Business Perspective and Mindset

Sometimes, through the outside lens of another experienced eye, a new business model can be formed. This is where the foundation of the old business model is shredded, and a new one set in place. In some cases, from the foundation, up.

After this widespread change has been implemented, the new process of building can begin.

New Business Model Changes

This new process is, the training and developmental stage, of the new business model. Along with this new business model, a set of core values will be put in place, and distributed among team members.

This will ensure that the business image and reputation is upheld to the highest standards. Core values of the company will be instilled in team meetings. This is to increase business community and team cooperation.


Marketing Insurance Tip – Freebies

Another great marketing tool, in your arsenal as a business owner, is, using your local environment to your advantage. So, what does this mean exactly?

It means, finding physical locations, where your target audience, will congregate at, in larger pools. These larger pools of the same audience, can be found in your immediate environment.

Just look around town the next time you are out running your daily errands. Look for places that you could find potential prospects at.

You would be surprised how many potential opportunities are right in your own backyard.


Communication Bridge

Remember, you can use advance technology, like smartphones and the internet, to your advantage. Use this technology to connect with more traditional business customs and approaches.

This can bridge the gap of marketing to an immediate business introduction and connection. Trust building is established more quickly in these type settings, since, it identifies a more personal appeal.


Commercial Insurance Agency Brokerage

As an example, let’s say that you sell commercial auto insurance, or general liability insurance for contractors, at your insurance agency. Ask yourself this question. “Where would you go, to physically find your target market?”

Would you go to the supermarket to find your contractors or truckers, for example? Or, would you find this target market elsewhere?

More than likely, you have thought of other locations, that would better serve your specific target market.  This could have happened during your last morning commute, or when you were running errands for the family on Saturday.

This is when you noticed an untapped niche marketing location for your product and brand building efforts. This is usually how it happens, but just in case, we have supplied a list of some of the location listings.

You can compare your local list, to the below one, and see if there are any missing links, that could be possible gold mines.

You might have thought of the following locations:

• Home Depot
• Lowes
Contractors Associations
• Trucking Associations
• Chamber of Commerce
• Trucking Schools
• Commercial Trucking Conventions and events
• Contractors Conventions and events
• Truck Stops
• Contractors School


business broker locations orange county


Marketing Connections – The Meet and Greet Process

So, now that you have a good working table of locations, you can go and meet your potential clients. There are many truckers and contractors that go to these places of location, and on a frequent basis.

They may mingle within their own peer group, for example. Or, shop supplies at the same type places of other peers, and yes eat at supermarkets.
But, you want to choose a location pool, where the overwhelming amount of people present, are from your sellable market pool.

It makes no sense, to build irrelevant traffic, with zero conversion ability to a website, unless you have other motives. And, there are in some cases, other motives for this domain popularity and traffic growth.But, for this writing piece, this traffic would be viewed as wasted.

If you are receiving calls and online leads for interests in a product or service you do not carry, there is no point of that traffic. It only takes your sales team off the market. Not to mention, the monies wasted on payroll for nuance calls and online contacts.

So, as you can see, there are different pools of traffic, and every business owner with a website, should have and know about. So, always, make sure your swimming pool aligns with your market pool, no matter the niche group you’re working in.


Marketing Isolation – Potential Growth Share

Marketing isolation is needed, not just for online traffic growth and share, but also, for tracking and testing purposes. You do not want to just target traffic, or potential leads, and then move on to another project within your business or operations.

For example, you just paid your marketing invoice, and now you’re ready to move on to the next business obligation. Your thinking about your accounting department, and meeting with your CPA to wrap up the year end.

However, before you dive into this area of work, make sure you wrap up the direction of your marketing strategy first.


Marketing Priority?

Instead, no matter if you outsource your marketing campaign or not, make sure, you do have complete control over this process. This means direction over the market pool, and knowing the direction of your campaign.

In short, you should know your target audience, and have your team, or yourself, go after them. So, as you can see, by isolating your potential market share, and building a solid marketing strategy for your business around this, is a great start.


Building the Industry Market Base

This will help isolate your potential market growth share, and focus a solid marketing strategy around it. Build from the base up, because a solid foundation, for any marketing platform, is most advantageous.

Yes, it may not be the sexiest approach to online marketing.
It lacks all the visuals and other glamor that other platforms have. For example, social media channels.


business broker locations los angeles county


Actionable Marketing Plan?

This is where you devise a great plan to meet your actual, physical target audience. So, if your headed to your local home depot or Lowes, in your neighborhood, and it’s approaching 7 in the morning, you may want to stop and get some coffee.

Many contractors and those working in the construction business, are starting their morning early, at these type locations. A nice cup of joe, is always a nice gesture, and a gateway for further communication and connection.

So, enjoy a nice chat with some of your local contacts, and you might be surprised how one small seed planted, can lead to a future business opportunity, and possible harvest.





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